Friday, June 30, 2006

OK, So If A Fence Which Stops Dozens Of Suicide Bombers Every Month Is An 'Apartheid Wall'...

...what the hell do we call this, and why is it that the MSM have contrived to, you know, never ever mention it until Hamas blew a 25-foot fucking great hole in it?

Its part of the one great truth of Middle Eastern politics that the MSM never, ever mentions, you see. Are you sitting comfortably?

All the other Arabs hate the Palestinians.

They are useful idiots to be the footsoldiers in the ongoing Arab war against the Jews, and that is about the best that most Arabs will say about them. In places like Saudi Arabia, they are literally second-class citizens. In Kuwait, even as Islamic extremism rises and takes a new hold, they are still hated for their collaboration with Saddam Hussein's Iraq during the first Gulf War.

It must be like having one of those really nasty Rottweiller/Sherman Tank crosses in your backyard. You know, one of the really beefy, evil fuckers that always stays in a ten-foot tall steel cage and has to be fed financial aid, erm sorry, raw meat every day or you run the risk of losing your hand at feeding time. Yeah, sure he's really handy to have around during disputes with the neighbours, but you wont have the vicious bastard in your house with you will you? Just in case he craps on the floor or blows up, sorry I mean eats the kids...

You have to dig hard to find decent facts out on this one out kiddies. But it's worth doing for several reasons. First, for a thoroughgoing bastard like me its great to be able to point out examples of the way that the Paliswinians 'Islamic brethren' treat them rather like they say Israel does...second, well, if you loathe 'Palestinian Society' as much as I do its simply kinda funny to read examples of the fact that even the other Arabs hate the murderous lunatics!

Please post up the pic of Egypt's own 'apartheid wall' boys and girls. This is too good to pass up...


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