Tuesday, July 25, 2006

BNP Takes One Step Forward...

...and two big steps back. Especially this one. I mean everyone has their own opinions on Israel, and its not as if all the BNP's supporters are in agreement with their isolationist stance, so I suppose I can let that one go.

But the other one? Not bloody likely!

John Tyndall, founder of the BNP, may well have been, as the article said, hounded to death by the State. Tyndall had already served several years in prison for incitement to racial hatred and firearms possession due to his part in the would-be paramilitary organisation Spearhead, after whom he named his journal and website. Even if unfamiliar with the man, it doesnt take much reading to figure out that Tyndall was always nothing less than an outright Neo-Nazi. Spearhead's front page still carries the message that it was 'organised Jewish groups' which are responsible for 'race laws in the UK'. The articles on the site are littered with anti-Jewish messages - everything is the Joooz fault baby!

Usually the BNP is to be seen trying very hard to make people forget where it came from - because where it came from is from the likes of Tyndall. Yet whilst on one hand Griffin is writing courageous diatribes against the evils and stupidities of neo-Nazism, here we have the BNP website paying tribute to an outright Nazi as some kind of hero and victim to be admired.

You can't keep this up forever boys. Right now the Would-DSD-ever-vote-BNP?-o-meter is plunging deep into the red zone and its likely to stay there unless someone can come up with something a lot better than promises of isolationism and tributes to Nazi swine like John Tyndall.


Blogger Tom Tyler said...

Good post, DSD. I think that while the BNP are right on the button re immigration and the Islamic threat, non-interventionist policies (or at least statements) like this DO make you wonder just how much they have ALL of Britain's interests at heart.
Are the BNP anti-immigration because they want what is best for Britain socially and economically, or merely due of a hatred of other races? If the former, then I'd expect their foreign policies to also "take sides" according to whatever is in British (or Western) interests. We could remain neutral if, oh, I dunno, say Cameroon declared war on Niger, but I don't think there is much room for neutrality where Israel v the Islamic Middle East is concerned. The outcome of this will have effects on us. Makes me wonder whether the BNP have only laid off the Jews because "my enemy's enemy is my friend"?

Mind you, the BNP have some good points and some bad, and it is nice to be able to talk about the party sensibly on here, without the usual debate-closing chorus of "you're a racist/Islamophobe!"

1:31 AM  
Anonymous Dave said...

I'm no supporter of Nazis (ofcourse) but many political organisations have a violent history.
There were Nazi and Communist supporters in the Labour party, and some racism from the Conservative party also.
Look at the "respect" party their views are effectively Nazi as well.

The Jews aren't perfect either.

So things are not so clear.

Personally I would rather not vote BNP, but if we have a choice between tax ya fkin bollocks off Gordon Brown and Dave Cameron the Lib Dem leader of the 'Conservatives'.
I might make a protest vote.

Something has gotta change.

5:13 AM  
Anonymous Dave said...

Tom, I like the 'isolationist' stance it goes hand in hand with the anti-immigration policies. Remember a large part of the liberal blackmail regarding immigration was that because of the British empire we owe the foreigners a home after we caused trouble in theirs.
We have to change that and say we wont mess with you if you don't mess with us.

5:44 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Ah yes, but the problem I see with that stance is that Islam isnt going to play along with it. Islam has been at war with western civilisation since its inception in the 7th Century - its like a tide, endlessly rolling inward and then back out again. Once upon a time the Almohads (Moors as they were nicknamed) held most of spain and almost the entirety of north africa. They have been as far as the Gates of Vienna, as one of the most prominent anti-Islamic blogs is named. Despite being pushed back out of Europe they have then reasserted themselves by means of immigration and infiltration - and are now attempting to eliminate the 'bridgeheads' that the West has there - namely Israel and of course the western forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But, you cry! DSD you dont think we should be in Iraq or Afghanistan. And no, I dont - because we should have gone there to win a military victory and destroy the infrastructure ofthe regimes concerned, not to 'democratise' them and lose sight of all morality in desperate attempts to do so - hey, they can be as racist, vicious, intolerant and misognynist as ever, as long as they democratically CHOOSE to!

Thats my isolationism - we take action against regimes which threaten us, but we dont make the stupid mistake of assuming that Islam can ever be compatible with democracy and real liberalism. It can't.

6:10 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

But DSD the Taliban wouldn't have been a problem in the West if it wasn't for the stupidity of Western immigration policies.
If there were no Muslims in the West there would be no terrorism, at least no globalized terrorism.

The US let the 9/11 attackers in, its their fault for believing the blank slater fanstasy.

If you let the junkyard dog into your house to play with the kids don't come crying when one of them looses their arm.
Global terrorism is 'our' fault because we gave up on self defence.
There is no good projecting military might all around the world if you are going to welcome 'any' kind of nutcase to live next to your daughters.

11:24 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

No argument from me Dave. The total lack of 'homeland security' the West has shown is nothing short of a crime - hell, we are even letting in all those 'dual national British' citizens from Lebanon now arent we? These fuckers CHOOSE to live in lebanon side by side with their Hezbollah buddies - even NuLabour has admitted they need to be 'security screened' but whats the betting they all walk in anyway?

11:55 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

No arguement from you but I am supporting isolationism and you are not..?

We need to stop projecting our self around the world and be much more British centric, Blair policies are about doing some mythical global good.
I say we go home and defend ourselves and thats all.
Yes defending ourselves will mean we sometimes take action, but only when it is clearly in our interest to do so.

Its same with George Bush, some people think he is being honourable and defending the West against 'terror', meanwhile he has dramatically increased 3rd world immigration to the USA.
Yeah, like thats what you call saving the heartland!

4:46 AM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

I think perhaps then we have different definitions of the word 'isolationism'. I take it to mean minimal, thoroughly screened immigration; as much economic and political (ie out of the EU, out of the UN) independence as possible; and avoiding any military commitments beyond the destruction of regimes which hurt or openly threaten us. Yes, this may mean 'adventures abroad', but all those adventures should consist of is regime change or regime destruction - not some ridiculous idea that we can democratise a bunch of 7th-century religious fanatics.

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Dave said...

Check out Labans post:

and Steves two posts:


Yes the BNP is not ideal, but who else is there?
its a serious question, we need some other alternative but there is none.

9:27 PM  
Blogger The Old Nail said...

Hi Dsd,
The BNP have worked hard to purge their membership of the old neo nazi type thugs that Tyndal represented.
The memorial was simply a nod to a deceased former colleague, albiet one that had been replaced by Nick Griffin who then began the rennaisance of the party.

The BNP have now become THE party that recognise the inherent dangers of enforced multiculuralism in Britain, and the only party to challenge the Politically correct regime.

This is no longer an issue of race, it is an issue of the collision of cultures, the Lab/Lib/Con tri party act are selling us down the river with gay abandon, the people of this nation are no longer in charge of their own land, language or future.

The BNP is about calling a halt to outside influence, re-asserting British traditions and culture, and re-introducing the common sense that has become virtually abandoned under this government.

The greatest danger facing us is not just the Islamic onslaught, but the Trojan Horse that is Political correctness that enables it to take a foothold.

12:56 AM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Old Nail,

I'd agree with most of what you said, but lionising Tyndall even with 'just a nod' is still pretty stupid. The BPP for example still call Tyndall their 'spiritual leader', and they are without a doubt the most Nazified Far-Right party in Britain today.

Yes, the BNP is doing all the things you say it is as UKIP have dissappeared so far up their own backsides that all they can see is their own internal workings - and they seem set to elect the idiotic Nigel Farage as their new Leader to replace Knapman which will just make it worse. But articles like the one I attacked the BNP simple reinforce the 'fascist' image - and if I come think they are still truly a fascist party I will never, ever vote for them.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:13 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Thanks Anonymous,

Its always interesting to see what the enemy is thinking. And Nick G (and Lee Barnes) are doing something right in my book if they are pissing off the Nazis this much.

11:26 PM  

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