Monday, July 24, 2006

Compare and Contrast Once More

I think this pretty much covers it. As usual, the Jewish and Gentile pro-Israeli rally conducted itself with perfect propriety.

Look at the banners:

'Israel, we are with you'.

'Israel, you are in our hearts'.

'Yes to Peace, no to Terror'.

Now, lets compare and contrast those evil warmongering Jooooooz with the peace-loving Islamists, shall we?

'Any treaty with Israel is not binding on Muslim nations'.

Ah, so we cant trust any treaty you make? Goody, no fucking ceasefire for you this time then.

'God will send the mushroom cloud from the sky on Israel.'

Supporting the nuclear bombing of Israel? Hmmm, says incitement to murder to me. Charges forthcoming against the Islamic Thinkers Society? Nah, course not. Its only the Jooooz they are calling to be exterminated, its not like theyre predicting a terrorist atrocity in a 'racist manner' or anything really heinous like that...

I could go on, perhaps using pictures of the Palestinian babies dressed as suicide bombers, the infants holding rifles etc etc but why bother? The pictures already used are the ones that tell the story well enough. If the Jews of London were the warmongering Zionists the media wishes them to portray them as, there would have been banners calling for 'death to Hezbollah, death to Hamas' etc etc. But there wasnt, not a one.

There is no hate in those hearts - unlike, for example, mine. Only love of Israel, love of a single shining beacon of light surrounded by a sea of seething darkness.

Perhaps just a little hate is what they need to give them strength to fight, the Jews of Israel and of London. Or maybe I prefer them that way, singing songs and preaching 'yes to peace, no to terror' in that very Jewish, true liberal manner. I wish I could have been there with them, just a few miles from my old haunts, and even one or two ex-girlfriends for that matter.

But instead I am here, typing away to show them that not every hand is raised against them as they may often think it is. Please type too (as some of you already have been) no matter what your political affiliation, and show them that I'm not the only one on their side.

They need to know.


Anonymous Dumb Brit said...

Oh, now, DSD, you can't tell me you've not noticed that incitement to murder is only a crime for NON-muslims?

11:13 PM  
Blogger Murray said...

Killing these scum isn't murder. It's post natal abortion.

4:08 AM  

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