Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Getting A Little Heated

Sometimes I wish I'd never linked here. I know I'm not the first person to try to explain to 'Rachel from North London' that she is so busy blaming 7/7 and Islamic Terrorism in general on Blair, Bush, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan et al that she has completely forgotten to actually look at the ideology of Islam itself for her answers, but I'd appreciate a little help here just the same.


UPDATE: My original frustrated wish to try and turn Rachel around has now been replaced by a sense of futility, but, at the same time, detached and healthy amusement.

Equating Islam with terror-inspiration as I'm doing on her Blog is 'Islamophobic'. She won't 'allow' Islamophobic and 'racial hatred' on her Blog, so my attempts to persuade her to actually look at Islam itself as a source for inspiring terror have 'not much point'.

Ah but its OK, she isnt just following the usual Leftist debating level of 'your a racist yah boo sucks' because she wont allow anti-Semitic comments either. So that's all right then. Though oddly for someone who wont allow such things she herself doesnt stint in pointing out how Israel's policies in 'Palestine' are 'brutal'. Oh, and her commenters can say how 'aggrieved they are by the situation in Gaza' and the like, that's fine too. But it's OK, because, wait for it, can you guess?

Yes, some of her best friends are Jewish...oh my.


Blogger British National Party member said...

Sorry but she's your baby :)

Besides, if i go on there as "BNP member".... well, i never claimed to be able to win hearts, just occasional minds.

Maybe other readers will feel more able. Me, im reading "Godless; the church of liberalism". Then im going to read "How to talk to liberals (if you must)". And then im going to go back to waterstones and see if the korans are still on the bottom shelf.

8:47 PM  
Anonymous alison said...

DSD what an excellent frisking to put it bluntly. I cant be bothered anymore having long since learned to steer well clear.

fyi - Ed from Biased BBC. Not sure how much of it you agree with but thought it'd be interesting:


9:18 PM  
Anonymous alison said...

shiiit. fisking (ahem).

Is anyone watching the BBCs Britains First Suicide Bombers...recommend to Rachel and others.

10:06 PM  
Blogger DumbJon said...

Personally, I'm impressed you lasted as long as you did. I'd be useless at mssionary work at the best of times, but she really is one of the most rancid individuals in the British blogosphere. She's the worst form of bully, one who pretends to be a victim.

All you need to know about her was revealed with the Garri Holness case. Recall that the witches' other claim to victimhood is having been raped, so naturally when she found out that the Left was busily promoting a gang rapist as the voice of the July 7 victims, she was appalled.


Oops - I meant she immediatly joined the group hug round him. Leading a pack of rapists was, y'know, kind of bad, but hey, nobody's perfect, and the Right was evil for pointing out that a Left-wing icon was a savage sexual predator.

How two-faced can you get ? She writes movingly (and, for once, probably truthfully) about the trauma of her rape, but when it comes to two young girls raped 45 times by a gang of racist savages, she throws them under the bus. Bitch.

11:52 PM  
Blogger Tom Tyler said...

You're wasting your time, Dad.
Actually, I have no problem with Rachel (or anyone else) writing their own personal opinions on their own personal blogs, it's what you and I do, and it's free for all. So I don't comment on her blog.

No, what I have a problem with is the MSM celebrating her as an "untouchable 7/7 victim" (or almost victim) whose views are therefore held to be above all reasoned criticism. Ann Coulter said it all, in her comments about the left "putting up victims with a tragedy, to whom we are not allowed to respond". Rachel's predictable Guardianista views are no less or more valid than mine, just because she happened to be on that train carriage that day.
So, I do not comment on Rachel's blog, because she has every right to air her personal views on her personal blog. BUT, I WILL challenge her articles in the mainstream press, because in such articles, which are read by a much wider audience, she is allowing her "tragic victim" status to be used as a cynical tool to further her utterly transparent political agenda. Just like Cindy Sheehan in America. "Oh, poor me! My son died (read: was "murdered") in the Iraq war! Boo-hoo-hoo! Evil Bush! -And if you criticise me, you are OBVIOUSLY a heartless Nazi!"

5:08 AM  
Anonymous Dave said...

How do you know the info on him Jon?
I saw the info on the blog but it didn't say anything about race.

He got only 3 years though, what a fkin joke, gang rape should = life imprisonment.

1:36 AM  
Blogger Rastaman said...

Really? Some of her best friends are Jewish? Orthodox Jews without a doubt. Have you seen the pics of the Orthodox Jews carrying signs demanding that Palestine be given to the Arabs? These rad clowns are traitors to their own.

Anyway, I foolishly, no doubt, gave her some blunt comments on the glories of Islam which I'm sure, now that I've read what you have to say about her, will never see the light of anyones monitor.

Ann Coulter is a lunatic. She's entitled to her nutjob religious opinion and even entitled to make a lot of money selling books that describe her religious and far right extremist lunacy in lurid detail, but I do wish she would stay off of tv news-talk shows as it's such a nuisance changing channels all the time.

4:32 AM  
Anonymous alison said...

As Tom pointed out though Ann Coulters remark about the left "putting up victims with a tragedy, to whom we are not allowed to respond" seems entirely appropriate here given Rachels assumed position in the msm.

8:07 AM  
Blogger British National Party member said...

well, im signing up for the sky news package today just so i can get more views like coulters into my front room, so it takes all sorts rastaman.

1:49 PM  
Blogger DumbJon said...

Hi Dave

Mark 1 Mod 0 Wetware 'm afraid, the case got a lot of publicity back in the day. In retrospect it was one of the key moments in the annexation of the old Left by Liberals: the Left was faced with a choce between rape victims and a the home boys, and they chose the thugs. It was the shape of things to come.

10:53 PM  
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