Monday, February 20, 2006

Bring Me The Heads Of Gary Busey And Billy Zane

Who needs Spielberg to tell us how all the murdering Palestinian swine who kill innocent athletes are all just misunderstood martyrs? Or Mel Gibson to give us his Jew-caricature full version of what those atheists among us regard as a fictional event? No, let's just let 'Turkeywood' cut to the chase and reel in two-bit nobody Gary Busey (who built his illustrious career with blockbusting roles like, erm, well anybody got anything?) to 'star' in a piece of anti-Jewish blood libel that makes most Saudi editorials look like the Jewish Chronicle.

I first read about 'Valley of the Wolves - Iraq', as it translates, in the ever-worthy Frontpage Magazine. The film has as its central premise an unholy alliance between an evil Jewish doctor (Busey) and an American soldier of Rambo-esque prowess (Zane) who murders dozens of Iraqis at a wedding - maybe like this one - and drags the survivors off to - yes, Abu Ghraib, what a shocker - where the satanic Jewish doctor cuts out their organs to be sold to wealthy British, American and of course Israeli patients in need of transplants.

And thats basically it. Americans massacre people at weddings for fun and profit, and Jews kill Arabs for their blood and vital organs. What, doesnt everybody know that? So what's the problem, apart from the BBC not even bothering to mention that fairly crucial element?

The problem is that, as Stephen Pollard mentions when commenting on the typical Western Police attitude towards Muslims attacking or hey, actually murdering Jews such as the appalling events in Paris - well, it just cant be called racism because, well, Muslims cant technically be racist, can they? When people on the darker side of pale say or do things like that its just 'cultural' or 'a reaction to Israeli oppression' or even just 'Iraq'. It takes people to actually make their voices heard to make them actually admit the truth, so when the West is in this much denial about whether anti-semitism even exists is it any surprise that a piece of cinema filth like this has passed by with little more than a murmur?


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