Sunday, November 13, 2005

Lions Escape Arena, Crowd Deeply Upset!

Well, ain't it grand how the same people who think terrorism against Jews and westerners is just dandy suddenly develop a freakin conscience when its their own that get blasted. But for once, we have Arabs not blaming the Joooooz!

"I am not ashamed of what his group is doing fighting the US occupation of Iraq,
but killing civilians, killing Muslims here in Jordan is shaming."

Ah, so killing innocent civilians in Iraq doesnt stir the old Muslim conscience, but this does:

"By killing Jordanians here in Jordan, civilian Jordanians going to a wedding,
they did something that not even a Jew would do.", no 7th-Century prejudices here at all then. I'm sure the Poles and the Balts said that a lot in 1941 as the Nazis marched through...

"Yesterday we watched on television what had happened in Amman," she said from
behind a veil. "The carnage was so bad, so awful, we could not eat all day

Yeah, ain't life a bitch when the lions you cheered on in the Arena get loose and start eating the enthusiastic audience instead of the innocent my heart bleed.


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