Thursday, November 10, 2005

Internment or Punishment? Brand New Terrorists Only I'm Afraid

Hearing this wonderful little comparison on methods of dealing with terrorism (one very different rule for IRA 'not as bad as Al-Qaeda' Terrorists and another for those who have beards and a different form of religious psychosis about everyone who doesnt follow the same creed as they) actually one after the other on the radio in a shop yesterday really was quite surreal. The utter hypocrisy of the War on Terror's mysterious exclusion of Irish people (even those who have gone on to aid atrocities in other countries than their own and carry on their usual patterns of witness intimidation and general thuggery) continues apace.

How is it that the IRA get a free pass from the so-called war on terror? Whatever the current threat of Islam, giving 150 wanted terrorists what is effectively a free pardon (I won't use the A word, it still makes me want to throw things) is totally wrong by any civilised standards. Britain has lost over 50 people to Islamist murderers this year - but if you total the numbers these 150 IRA scum have killed between them then ask yourself what kind of a figure would be generated instead. The 150 include, by the way, people wanted for the Enniskillen murders, arguably the worst atrocity the IRA ever committed.

However, with my usual not particularly wonderful sense of wit and humour...picture the annoying chap from the 'Brand New Customers Only' ads. Then give him Charles Clarke's face.

"Mr Clarke, we represent the widows and mothers of the Enniskillen victims. We'd like to ask you why you are granting free pardons to the people who killed our relatives but want to hold Islamic terrorists for 90 days."

"Ah well, you see the 90-Day rule is for brand new terrorists only."

"But Mr Clarke, these people committed appalling acts of terrorism and we only have the word of a panel including a Catholic Priest who thinks all Unionists are Nazis that they've trashed a single rifle. Why don't the new rules apply to them?"

"Ah well, you see we don't want people to remember that the IRA actually killed people. No, they are all fluffy pink bunnies nowadays, didnt you know? The British judicial process is for brand new terrorists only."

"But what about spying at Stormont Mr Clarke?"

"Ah well you see when we're spied on by people who are belong to the Provisional Pink Fluffy Bunnies then we dont care. Its only a problem when we're spied on by brand new terrorists I'm afraid."

"The largest Bank robbery for twenty years?"

"Brand new terrorists only."

"Drug-running? Punishment beatings?"

"Brand new terrorists only."

Insert further dialogue as required...


Blogger Alison said...

Thats hilarious! (not the situation obviously). Nice one

6:29 PM  
Blogger DV said...

Yes, well put!

11:10 PM  

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