Monday, November 07, 2005

I Guess Waiting For Katrina Felt A Little Like This

One of the best lines, both intensely chilling and oddly moving at the same time, in the Fellowship of the Ring is that moment when Gandalf finishes reading the last journal of the Dwarves of Moria, written as the hordes of marauding Orcs are battering at their final, desperately erected barricades. He reads the final line in sepulchral tones:

'They are coming.'

Well, they are. And as Mark Steyn says, we've got a war on our hands. I'm very lucky in that down here in Dorset I probably won't be required to man the barricades in the immediate future, but to those of you in places those places with high-density populations of 'youths', as the MSM oddly feels the need to call Moslem rioters, get those boards ready to nail up your windows, oh and if your a wheelchair-user can I suggest you change your chair to one made of a flame-retardant material in case you meet any 'youths' looking to 'assert their social frustration' at the lack of a Caliphate in Britain.

THIS. IS. A. WAR. Choose your side.


Blogger Tom Tyler said...

You're right.
This IS a war.
OK, so far it has not materialised here in quite the way it has in France, but unless we wake up and do something radical about it (such as outlawing Islam and deporting ALL its followers from our shores immediately) it will happen here sooner or later. Sadly, my suggestions have about as much chance of happening as the Pope becoming a Sikh, so it's a case of "cock your guns and stay alert".

2:40 AM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Well it isnt going to happen any time soon over here as our adherents of the Religion of Pieces are aware that if they go up in smoke now then the 90-Day Detention Bill will pass. That's why its being splashed all over the tabloids right now as an issue, on the Sun's front page the other day if I remember. It's Blair's way of bartering our longterm security for short-term lack of torched cars...

7:23 AM  

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