Monday, November 07, 2005

Wilful Blindness Virus Mutates Into New Strain - This Time The Riots Are All The EU's Fault

Now this really is rather silly. I am not exactly a fan of either the French social model (which frankly to sneak in a bad metaphor seems more like a moonlighting dinner lady in an issue of Razzle than a svelte catwalk creature) or, and this is really impossible to understate, the European Union. It is an institution I loathe, and to which I have devoted a large amount of my time and effort in recent years to attempting to bring down, or at the very least remove Britain from membership of.

I was Campaign Coordinator for the UKIP candidate in my constitiuency in the General Election, and have spoken at several UKIP meetings to sometimes sceptical audiences to argue the anti-EU message. I have argued with desperate Tories (like the EU Referendum mainman Richard North) trying to persuade me that, well, the Conservativs are sort of moving in the right direction, arent they? And we could be worse, we could be the Liberals, so you'd better vote for us or let the Liberals in!

I have argued with a local Tory Councillor who attends my regular pub quiz on a Thursday and took a major pop at me during the General Election Count when news of the 'loss' of Torbay came in. He is a 'sceptic' who nonetheless named his pub team 'David Cameron for leader'. Unfortunately he left before the rebuttal team name of 'Anyone but a Tory MP for Tory leader' could be read out, but I'll get him another time no doubt...

In short, I hate the EU and all its works - open borders, the Euro, the European Arrest Warrant, the CAP, its endemic corruption, the Council of Ministers, the pathetic shell of a circus that it calls its Parliament. But, here's the thing. Listen carefully.

What's going on in France, Denmark, Germany and now even Brussels' hallowed streets has bugger all to do with the EU.

The post linked above attempts to draw blame for the violence in France away from Moslems and place it squarely on the EU and the 'social model'. It talks about economics, not religion, being the cause - thus placing the anti-socialist author right alongside the views of the socialists. It is not Islamism, but socialism, that is the reason that French politicians are talking to Moslem religious leaders to negotiate a truce, we are informed. It isn't Moslems who attacked a synagogue. It isn't Moslems calling for Islamic enclaves to be governed by Sharia law within France itself. It isn't Moslems who went even more berserk when a tear gas grenade may or may not have hit a mosque.

No no no, it seems that all the disaffected people in underprivileged France are equally outraged by supposed mosque desecrations, and all hate the Jooooz equally (though there is possibly some truth in that one now I come to think of it). Maybe its just me, but I'm damn sure that unless you buy into the most pernicious of racial myths you can't imagine that there are no poor white people, no poor Oriental people, no poor Indian-subcontinent people in France. Yet we are supposed to buy into the idea that all the unfortunate underclass in France is rising up in the same orgy of frustration and disaffection, and that what we are seeing is a boiling pot of mixed-race rioting with the only commonality being poverty.

It isnt. If it were, there would be no calls for Moslem enclaves, all business and places of worship would be targeted equally - mosques included - by the rioters, not Jewish ones only. French politicians would not be talking to Moslem leaders - there would be no leaders.

Yes, the French are reaping what they have sown. But the seeds were those of wilful blindness to the dangers of mass immigration without any attempt at assimilation - in short, the seeds of the rotting fruit that is multiculturalism. Islam is a danger that goes beyond even that of the EU as it has a fanaticism at its core that outshines even that of the most rabid Europhile, and pretending that this is not the case could see the EU fall to be replaced with something even worse while we slap our backs about the victory we have achieved.


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