Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New Superstrain Of Wilful Blindness Virus Strikes

Oh my God. Someone actually came out and said it. We've had the French riots being the fault of socialism, the EU, pesky 'disaffected youths'. But now, at the Daily Kos, possibly America's most insanely Leftist Blog, they've finally done it.

Yes, its Bush's fault.

Presumably its Bush's fault that Islamists the world over are striking at Christian targets in countries which had sod all to do with the Iraq war. I love the way this Poll suggests that it is "Bush's Iraq War" which is making French Moslems riot - French! The country which stood foursquare against the Iraq War more than any other European country did. The country which has supplied more Islamic terrorists with arms than Syria for chrissakes!

But no, Bush made them do it.

I wondered what David Icke's take on it all is. Its often refreshing to go and see what someone who is theoreticaly even more insane than the looniest MSM publication says, if purely to avoid going to a newsagent and torching the latest copies of the Independent.

Maybe the man who says "Reptiles Control The World (because even I can't just say Jews like the Nazis do)" and once appeared on chat shows in a purple tracksuit claiming he was Jesus can come up with something even sillier than the Kos Kids. But no, even David can't come up with something nuttier than these guys. He doesnt seem to have an opinion, so he just channels the Guardian instead. Well, if you had to guess at dear David's newspaper of choice...


Blogger Tom Tyler said...

Hi, DSD. I like your blog, your opinions are pretty much in line with my own, (though expressed perhaps a little more aggressively than I would do so, at times). However I can't blame you, what's going on here makes me pretty angry too.
I voted UKIP in 2001, by the way. (I voted Con this year and we managed to chuck out our Lab MP and replace him with a Con one. Not much difference, I know, but at least it was a small step in the right direction if nothing else...) Cheers, mate.

1:27 AM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Hehe, well I am often guilty of, erm, aggressive expression. Its why I am one of many Bloggers whose partner won't let them watch the TV news anymore...far too much ranting and comments about sewing Huw Edwards' lips shut.

7:20 AM  
Blogger Jimmy K. said...

Kos and his "deranged moonbats".
I look in every night just to make sure I am still sane. If I begin to agree with him. I will call a priest for an exercism.
Jimmy K

3:22 AM  

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