Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's Moments Like This That Make It All Worthwhile

Hehe. Somehow I just knew I'd got to this guy. He is as you will see a close pal of Archbish Rowan 'Bulldozing Terrorist Tunnels Bad, Getting Medals From Terrorist Leaders Good' Williams. Williams in his own words was 'grateful for his conversations with Arafat' as you can see here. And during the visit above where he was presented with his Order of Terrorism-Excusing, well, I think Melanie Phillips put it much better than I could.

The chappie in question who has given me a good verbal slapping (very 'unchristian' lol) exemplifies every last reason why as I put it, the Anglican church is in near-terminal decline. My absolute favourite moment of his post must without a doubt be the classic 'While showing Christs love through social liberalism, his theology is rather orthodox.'

Christ's love through social liberalism. Oh my. Well there's nothing guaranteed to empty those pews faster than showing the love of your deity by completely rejecting his commandments...I think thats why my personal Anglican poster-child, Peter Akinola comes in for such opprobrium from PC Christians like my protagonist. Their liberal nonsense simply cannot compete against a statement of faith as simple as 'well, its what it says in the Bible'.

For the record, I most definitely dont like what it says in the Bible. I dont like religion at all in fact, which makes being fiance to a devout Catholic...interesting at times. But I know one thing's for damn sure. When your fellow Christians are being murdered and oppressed by another religion in uncounted different locations across the world and you have one candidate who calls for your fellows to be defended and another who accepts medals from your oppressors co-religionists...

Well for me its a no-brainer, but then I have no understanding of 'Christ's love through social liberalism', so how could I possibly judge?


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