Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Insights Into The Leftist Mindset

There are often some events or incidents which serve to give a deep insight into the minds of the Left, where they do actually manage to display a (small) amount of individuality in response. I'm talking about the UK Left here by the way, their American counterparts tend to march more rigidly in step than the May Day parades in front of Joe Stalin and the Politburo.

One of those individual incidents has been the laughable suspension of Ken Livingstone. Now I am one of those of the opinion that Livingstone is a despicable racist anti-Semite who is totally unfit to hold office, and also that the office of the Mayor ought to be abolished. That's my position, just setting out my stall for you.

What I am enjoying is manifold. First there are the Leftist gyrations to try and say that, well, it wasnt that bad a remark anyway. Not that bad? I mean OK, the first stage was a bad insult to throw but as Livingstone didnt know the journalist was Jewish then fair enough, it can be explained away as naught but excusable. With an apology.

But then to cap it by calling someone who has just told you they are Jewish by calling them a concentration camp guard? Are you kidding me? I see, so lets say our Ken had met a black man who hassled him for a quote after a party instead, and said he is like one of Mugabe's mobsters. He then says, actually, I am Zimbabwean and I find that really offensive. Ken then caps it by saying he is actually like a Hutu militiaman on the rampage. Can you imagine the feeding frenzy?

Calling a Jew a concentration camp guard is far worse than calling a black man a 'nigger' or a person of Asian extraction a 'Paki'. It is a double insult because it is not simply a derogatory racial term but it also makes the reference to the vilest of crimes in human history perpetrated against the reporter's own race/culture/religion, and states that the person has the same mentality. Just as with statements like the ones here which include the wonderful 'here come the Jews trying to destroy the antifascist movement once again'.

Part of me simply refuses to believe this isnt someone making mischief - no one could actually make a statement like that with a straight face. Could they? But then they proudly show Ken himself at the 'Unite Against Fascism' launch rally at round about the same time as he invited his great pal 'Sheikh' Al-Qaradawi to London. Let's have a look at the man Ken the 'committed anti-racist' defends as a 'progressive', shall we?

So, the man who supposedly has 'impeccable anti-racist credentials' views a man who quotes from the Koran (and the Hamas Charter) all the really fun and subtle lines about Jew-killing as a 'progressive'. Riiiiiiight...

To their credit, a few on the Left such as Peter Tatchell have woken up to the fact that Livingstone's 'anti' credentials are actually nothing more than 'pro' anyone not white or Jewish credentials, with nothing in between. But then as far as the wider picture goes this is only occurring when the special interests of certain victimhood groups on the Left are threatened by another such group, not I venture to suggest because of any sudden Road to Damascus conversion to anything as bourgeois as actual morals.

What has this mess taught us? Well, its this. That its OK if its a Jooooo your insulting because of Israel, dont'cha know. Because the Palestinians are still top of the Victimhood totem pole for now, and the people who were actually the victims of the vilest and most appalling racist crime in the last hundred years are now on the very bottom of it because they committed the worst possible sin in Leftist eyes - they refused to be passive, helpless poster children and instead fought back.

Because when it comes down to it, there is no greater crime in the Leftist calendar than stepping out of your assigned role in the Great Liberal Mythos.


Anonymous AgainsTTheWall said...

Red Ken is a scumbag but the Stalinist overreaction to a few bad-tempered remarks to a rude reporter is yet-more-proof that we are no longer a free people and whatever we say has to be politically-approved.

Englishman bend the knee to your Marxist and ethnic overlords!

2:19 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Against the wall,

I know who you are from Tangled web. Not overly interested in the opinions of a Holocaust denier I'm afraid. You're EXACTLY the same as the Islamists in my book.

3:15 PM  
Blogger korova said...

interesting view. actually here in the uk both the left and the right have condemned the action taken to suspend Ken. Still good on you for putting a holocaust denier in their place.

9:45 PM  

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