Monday, January 16, 2006

Pink Is The New Hawk. Or Something.

Oh my. Where can I start. This is rather wonderful stuff. Finally, like two enormous, overweight wrestlers who havent actually had to do any fighting for themselves for ten years on account of they've had proxies in fetching blue uniforms to do it for them, we have the Victimhoods Championship.

In the Islamophobia Corner we have Sir Iqbal Sacranie, face of moderate Islam (moderate meaning the Holocaust wasnt anything special and the Israelis and the Yanks have supposedly done worse, its OK to kill Salman Rushdie because HE's a blasphemer, the Iraq invasion caused 9/11 and well, lots of other little gems that most of us wouldnt exactly call 'moderate' except in the 'not rushing at you with wires hanging out of his clothing screaming Allahu Akhbar' sense of the word) has got himself in a bit of trouble. Honesty about what his religion believes on homosexuality is, it seems, not the best of policies in today's Britain. Sir Iqbal is now facing a possible prosecution for 'hate crimes'.

In the Pink Corner, Peter Tatchell, he who thinks its cool to 'out' straight minor celebs and hang around primary schools dodging angry parents whilst pressing literature on young boys telling them how they are secretly gay. In case anyone thinks from the title of this piece slagging off Sir Iqbal and the Moslem Council of Britain that Mr Tatchell has suddenly acquired an awareness of possible injustice anywhere in the entire history of the world against people who arent gay, read carefully and note that whilst not remembering gay Nazi victims is an Outrage to Mr Tatchell, he is silent on thoughts of excluding straight Jooooz from Holocaust Memorials.

To be fair to Mr Tatchell, he has made some attempt to address the reality that is Islam, in this actually quite well thought out piece. However he and the rest of the 'official' Pink Corner have spectacularly failed to leap to the defence of Messrs (if they wouldnt prefer Mrs) Armitage and Broadhead who may well be facing prosecution for, well, saying the same thing and not tucking it quietly away on their own personal website. Beautiful Atrocities has a rather less restrained take on the situation from the gay POV.

Who do I want to win? Well I just hope it goes the distance and they annihilate each other. Either way it is once again that leetle old thing we used to treasure in this country called Freedom of Speech that is the casualty.

UPDATE: Dumbjon at House of Dumb tips us off that the Met is going to move the goalposts in the face of actually having to investigate a Moslem for anything. However rest assured little old white men and women will still be intimidated to the full extent of the law.


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