Friday, January 13, 2006

The Madness of the West

I read via Tangled Web that nobody in the MSM or that well known bastion of political centrism, Question Time, is the slightest bit concerned that that Mr. Ahmadinejihad in Iran may soon have his hands on a nuclear weapon. It seems that, well, Israel is the real problem and should be disarmed if Iran were to be. Or was it instead of?

Let's remind ourselves of a few things. This country is led by a man who says that Israel should be 'wiped off the map'. That the Holocaust never happened. That a 'holy light' shone around him as he addressed the UN, or was it 'An Evening With Allah?

Ahmadinejihad follows Mahdaviat, the Cult of the Mahdi - the Islamic equivalent of the Messiah. Unbelievers will be cleansed by holy (nuclear?) fire blah fecking blah. It is plain that this deranged lunatic thinks he himself is the Mahdi - a holy light surrounded him? Give me a break.

Here sits the weak, decadent, corrupt West - smug about its 'multiculturalism', its 'tolerance' for offensiveness and evil, its willingness to 'adapt' and surrender to those who wish its destruction. Proud of its willingness to embrace all points of view - even if that point of view is that an entire nation be 'wiped off the map'.

Its not our problem? If we stand by and let a country and a people which has been at war for its very survival since its birth be destroyed then make no mistake - WE ARE NEXT. And if we are so morally bankrupt that we will not only wring our hands and pretend its nothing to do with us, and worse if we try to force Israel to stand back and watch whilst its destruction approaches, then we dont deserve to survive either.

I have never been more ashamed of where I come from, of my nation and inheritance, than I have been since Ahmadinejihad took power in Iran. Those who wish to appease and (secretly or otherwise) applaud Iran for 'standing up' to the democracies that they live in deserve nothing but contempt and hatred. When the day comes that Islam in the West feels strong enough to begin the Jihad, I hope it is they who perish first.

Message ends.


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