Friday, December 23, 2005

Why The Left Needs Even More Therapy Than My Ex-Wife

A devastating rant about media bias against Israel. Now I do like to link to many people like these guys and these guys, or even those who detail specific instances of outright fabrication like this, or of course the 'one that started it all, this.

Those who do expose the media's disgusting bias against Israel and for that matter the Jews in general are almost never to be found on the Left, which makes you wonder about the 'Right-Wing' tag associated with the National Socialist Workers Party. Hell, whats the first thing anyone taking the Israeli side over the Palestinians is inevitably called? Nazi. Fascist. quite funny coming from people who are universally on the side of those who want to exterminate those evil Joooooz all over again.

And there's the sting with the post in question. Its author is a member of, and avowed supporter of, the BNP. A 'Nazi' who, the Left and the media would like us to believe, wants nothing better than to deny the Holocaust, open up concentration camps all over again, etc etc etc blah blah blah.

But here he is, this evil Hitler-loving Nazi, defending the Jewish State. That's what makes it so easy being on the Left you see - you don't have to have a basis in reality for your accusations and prejudices. It must be like being my ex-wife I suppose, though thats another story.

But she is in therapy of sorts for her endless denial about the source of responsibility for her actions - I wonder when the Left will get started on theirs? When Israel is a smoking, irradiated hole in the ground courtesy of that nice Mr Ahmadinejihad? When their wives and daughters are all covered from head to toe in black cloth on pain of gang rape and execution?

Screw em. I dont care that this guy is a BNP member. I like what he has to say. If he says something I disagree with then I'll say so, and I'll tell him why. But I'm not going to throw names and insults at him just because he is a member of a small political party loathed by the media and the Left.

Hell, till the party in question decided to pretend July 7th never happened because they cant pin it on the EU, so was I.


Blogger British National Party member said...

Oh heh, thanks for the link.

It was written by Fred on everything ( ) but i do agree with it.

Infact if folks check back, i think there is another post or two mentioning Jews. Personally, i like em.

6:29 PM  
Blogger British National Party member said...

Oh infact...

You might very well like this site, i know i do. The video's on there are *well* worth watching.

6:32 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Well, the BNP organiser for the constituency next door is Jewish, I dunno how a Lefty would see him - I guess they've got him coming and going both ways as a member of the evil Zionist neocon conspiracy AND an evil Nazi-racist-fascist-blah. Cant imagine how anyone would find the time.

7:43 PM  
Blogger JohnM said...

We live in a UK in which most people still believe in the Jenin massacre, let only the Muhamed al Durah story. It would seem obvious that in a world of lies, anyone telling the truth must be celebrated. I'm not so sure.

There are areas with which I agree with the loathsome Socialist Worker Party. Nevertheless, I recognise that the party is dedicated to the violent overthrow of the state. That would make me extremely wary of being seen as sympathetic to the party.

You in particular have cause to maintain some distance because, the media spin is that the UKIP is merely another racist organisation. That a party can be led by a man married to a German but still be spun as little Englanders, is proof of the power of the media to dominate the narrative.

Pointing out the fact that the BNP has moved from pure Anglo Saxon racism to one that also accepts Jews is of interest. I believe they also anyone except Muslims. Nevertheless, it is still an unpleasant party dominated by figures with criminal records for GBH.

It seems to me that linking to Honest Reporting, Daniel Pipes, Adloyada, Melanie Philips, Normblog and even Little Green Footballs is productive, because all these people are mainstream. People are never persuaded by extremists, they only change when opinion is espoused by people who are seen as similar to themselves.

Linking to the BNP is valuable in that it shows that "even the BNP recognises the falsehoods" spread by the MSM but not as a means of persuading the undecided. It may even have the reverse effect.

11:37 AM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Well all I can say is, go to the BNP website and have a look for yourself at what they are saying. I've read their manifesto and don't agree with most of it - they are still far too isolationist for me and yes, also hung up on the concept of 'Zionism Bad' for me to ever vote for them. But that doesnt mean I will condemn them out of hand and consider the source automatically tainted. Hell, I read far more BBC and Guardian articles than any other source and I LOATHE those two institutions with a vengeance.

And you have to realise that the undecided generally are willing to listen to what anyone has to say. Thats why they are the undecided. I have explained till I'm blue in the face to the UKIP hierarchy that there is no point trying to please people who take even using the word 'immigration' in a negative concept as racist. They will never vote for UKIP, or vote Tory or BNP for that matter. Thats what Darling Dave C is about to find out...

6:48 PM  
Blogger OpenDebateForum said...

This is an interesting article, and it's good to know that, unlike the hysterical left, you don't think that the BNP should be locked up for believing in free speech.

6:17 PM  
Blogger Dumb Brit said...

This will sound somewhat ridiculous, but... aren't there times when GBH (or just ABH) are necessities?

2:16 PM  

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