Friday, December 02, 2005

Beyond Despicable

Consider this my way of coming out of the closet and saying I'm a Pro-Lifer. Especially when selfish, sick bitches like this can effectively murder their children in the womb right before birth and the law won't do a damn thing about it. I hope this bitch and her 'supportive' husband burn in the flames of whichever hell can stomach taking them.

Rant over.


Blogger Tom Tyler said...

I think there are two issues to be considered here, DSD.
First, it is my opinion that it is a human being in the mother's womb. (Otherwise, do they really expect me to believe that some "magical" thing takes place after birth, or at any given point in the process for that matter, which suddenly converts a "foetus" into a human being?) Rubbish. We can't even define what it means to be truly human at ANY stage, so what gives the doctors the right to say that an unborn child is not human? The very word "foetus" is an anachronism in my dictionary. It is a non-existent word.
Secondly, the poor mother was obviously a total addict of ... whatever she was addicted to. But when you are hopelessly addicted, then sure, I can imagine her getting a "hit" of something and not even caring about her child. It's just sad. That is what drugs does to you. You don't even care about your unborn kid, as long as you get your "hit". Proof that addictive drugs are evil. I agree, it is despicable.

11:35 PM  

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