Sunday, November 27, 2005


Having known Jews forced to remove their skullcaps when working with Moslems as long as fifteen years ago, I can testify to the extent which companies in the UK will kowtow to the wishes of bigots and swine like this. The fact that the threat of being called racist is paralysing bosses throughout France and preventing them from dealing with extremism in the workplace won't come as a surprise to most Brits who like myself have had to work with, for example, Irish in Park Royal happily proclaiming their love and tenderness toward the IRA and their eternal hatred of the British whose country they were nonetheless happy to live and work in. Or Black co-workers who were happy to wander the workplace with 'Black Power' T-Shirts but were outraged at the mischievous suggestion that perhaps therefore it might be OK for white co-workers to wear 'White Power' ones.

If you think it isnt happening here the same way as it is in France, dont bet on it. We are in just as much danger from the fifth column in our midst as they are, and whilst our populace may be a little more robust in fighting back, it doesnt mean that our politicians ever will be.

Watch your backs.


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