Friday, November 18, 2005

Breaking News

Yay for me, I have this one before even LGF...Irving the arch-Nazi apologist who claims Hitler didnt know about the Holocaust (oh, and he isnt a racist himself hahaha) is under arrest in Austria for Holocaust I'm gonna enjoy this one. Our laws dont count Holocaust denial as a crime on the grounds that people are generally free to be idiots. However Irving apparently made some of his usual speeches in Austria (where it is very much illegal to ) last year it seems and the Austrians got wind that he was coming back for more of the same.

Dear David is apparently facing up to twenty years. Couldnt happen to a nicer bloke.

Oh, and regarding the loony ex mentioned in previous postings...we were in Court today. We won. So as well as celebrating this Breaking News first for the DSD Blog, I have a very pleased girlfriend and daughter as well, so now I shall go and continue the celebrations...bye for now.


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