Monday, November 14, 2005

Moslems All Have Big Buts

I was sufficiently irked by an 'Arab Muslim' commenting self-righteously on the above post at Tom Tyler's Blog about how he felt that as long as the 'situation was legitimate' then there was a 'big But' hanging over dealing with terrorism that I had one of my naughty little flashes of humour. Now I don't claim to be up there with the wit of say, this man, but here goes anyway. A little song inspired by the fact that without exception Moslems ALWAYS have very big Buts whenever the subject of Terrorism comes up...

(To the tune of 'I Like Big Butts')

"I Like Big Buts and I cannot lie
You kaffir muthas can't deny
That when you dont follow the word of the Lord
You all deserve to die by the sword
And get blown up by
Cause we're 'dissaffacted'
By the lack of a Caliphate
And if you won't bend over
Then death must be your fate..."

Stock Aitken and Waterman eat your freakin hearts out.


Blogger DumbJon said...

US radio host Laura Ingraham calls them 'But Monkeys'.

9:16 AM  

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