Sunday, January 15, 2006

So Here It Is, Palestinian 'Democracy'

Ilana Mercer at Worldnet has a very insightful (and profanity-free) look at what passes for Pali 'society' in these ever more insane days in Gaza. As rocket attacks into Israeli towns from the newly 'freed' Gaza strip become literally a daily occurrence and Israel is castigated for not doing more for the laughably termed 'peace process', read it and weep as the last vestiges of civilisation, morality and decency dissappear from what I can barely make myself refer to as Palestinian 'society'.

Or, alternatively shrug cynically and say 'I told you so'. Up to you.


Blogger p_pandar said...

"they're at war, regularly breaking up each other's meetings with gunfire and shooting each other down in the streets, along with hapless bystanders."

not wanting to sound to callous.. but frankly I`d rather they killed each other, saves the isreals the cost of the bullets....

6:13 PM  

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