Thursday, March 02, 2006

Not At The Dinner Table Honey

We all know how Leftists tend to view such bourgeois concepts as morals and values as somewhat expedient and convenient dependent on the audience they are addressing. But it seems that everyone's favourite PC politician couple are taking this to new heights. Hillary, bless her, has come out strongly against the Dubai Ports Deal as it is known, though not for ethical reasons naturally. In fact the Democrats appear more to be casting about and trying to find a single issue that they can be shown to be 'strong' on Homeland Security about than actually having any concrete objections.

Bill though has taken a rather different, ahem, approach it seems. He has taken rather a large sum of money from the UAE company to actually help broker the deal that his darling wife is so vehemently against. Can you imagine the dinner table conversations on this one?

Remember Clinton's appalling remarks comparing the Evil Zionist Conspiracy Mohammed Cartoons of Dooooooooom (the Bloggers gift that just keeps on giving)? Should we be surprised that not only was he recently in Qatar sucking up oil money by the ton to fund Hillary's future Presidential campaign but also sorting this out for their neighbours as well?

No, we shouldnt. The man who lied, cheated and generally slimed his way through the Presidency is just doing what politicians do - but at least this time it may seriously backfire on him when the American public asks themselves how his future President Wifey, so against this deal, can conscience having her husband so intimately bound up with it?

Watch this space. This is gonna be goooood :)


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