Friday, March 10, 2006

And If You Thought British Immigration Policy Was Fucked Up...

Silent Running brings us another story of everyday highly skilled white folks being thrown out of a democratic country on utterly specious grounds whilst drug dealers, illegal immigrants and terrorist suspects who happen to be, you know, on the darker side of pale get to stay. Maybe this will be of some small consolation to the Yank that it isnt just him who is suffering through racist anti-white western Immigration policies, but somehow I doubt it...


Anonymous Dave said...

Ours is just as bad.
My aunt is Irish (republic) married my Mums brother (English). They've been married for a very long time 35-40 years, she didn't bother getting a British passport because they were only traveling between Britain and Ireland and passport wasn't needed for that.
But a few years ago 3-4, they wanted to go to New Zealand on holiday, she had so much trouble getting a British passport in the end she had to get an Irish one instead. Even though she only lived in Ireland for about 18 years and has been a nurse in Britain + raising a family and living here for 40+ years...

3:32 AM  

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