Monday, March 13, 2006

Cronulla Update: Yep, Still Nothing Whatsoever To Do With Islam At All. Honest. Really. Would We Lie To YOU?

I came across these guys recently whilst wondering what kind of a 'mystery' the Australian MSM were continuing to make of the Cronulla Beach battles. Well, it appears we have the answer. Muslims? What Muslims?

Unbelievable Dhimmitude. If you believed the Aussie MSM you would think that a few thousand 'neo-Nazis' (I doubt you could find that many in the entirety of Australia) decided to gather, get pissed and beat the hell out of any 'Asians' that appeared in the vicinity. Some Aussies have been so fooled by this bullshit that one fuckwit father actually turned in his son for his part in this so-called 'riot'.

Meanwhile, the total, utter lack of arrests, cooperation from or identification of a single Muslim is...well, totally expected really. What a fuckin crock of racist shit the West's pitiful excuses for policing have become - from Britain all the way to a Land Down Under.
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