Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Cronulla Update: Witnesses Too Scared To Testify Against Muslims

Well here's a shocker. Really. Those poor Muslim, oops sorry 'Middle Eastern' gangs who turned up for a rumble at Cronulla and ran like rabbits in favour of stabbings, car wrecking and shooting at a Lebanese Christian school when outnumbered for once havent had a single one of their number charged. Well, this sounds familiar doesnt it?

It seems some MSM Aussie outlets arent totally buying the 'its all whiteys fault line' though...shame. Though even this article refuses to mention the dreaded 'M' word at all though, and the bullet holes in the 'Middle Eastern' Christian School didnt even get a mention as a clue to what the perpetrators true 'secret identities' were...


Blogger RightForScotland said...

3 "asian" males abduct an "asian" female from busy university street in Glasgow at 7pm on Saturday. BBC unable to bring themselves to mention the M word used on ITV regional news in the interview with the DS.

Police are appealing for multicultural witnesses.

10:24 PM  

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