Monday, January 16, 2006

New York Times Hits New Low, Digs Ever Onward

.Absolutely pathetic. Rockets dont leave remains for chrissakes, they explode! This is like the hilarious Beeb 'scoop' about the tiny six-inch deep and three foot wide 'Cruise Missile' crater (what we would call a freakin pothole!) that Iraqis pointed to before the fall of Baghdad claiming it was US munitions deliberately targeting civilians.

So desperate is the US media for anything to smear Dubya and the US forces in Iraq that when the Yanks try to take out good ol Mr Zawahiri in one of his happy Pakistani hideouts we get faked bullshit like this to try and make out that these 'innocent' civilians (who had it seemed 'innocently' invited Osama's No.2 for dinner and cigars) are the only ones who were targeted. Even though the Pakistanis are admitting five top Al-Qaeda men are thought to be among the dead even if the Yanks didnt get the man himself.

The war progresses. Al-Qaeda is running scared, not even safe in its ratholes in Pakistan now. Zawahiri must be sweating at the thought that he nearly popped in and stayed for the cheese course, so naturally the Left is panicking at the thought of one of its favourite Islamofascist sons being spread all over the landscape.

Its a good sign, boys and girls. They are getting desperate.

Already an Update: Cox and Forkum nail it again.


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