Sunday, March 12, 2006

Heroines of the West

Atlas Shrugs is a Blog which I often visit, but am sometimes put off by the sheer volume that one of the Net's hardest working 'Grrrrrrl Bloggers' accumulates and disseminates. She is great for information overload if you're in the right mood however, and she has an uncompromising style that I truly appreciate. Plus she also closely follows the activities of the wonderful Oriana Fallaci.

Fallaci is a true heroine. She is currently dying of cancer and is under indictment in her native Italy where she fought Mussolini's fascists in her youth for 'defaming religion' (in this case Islam naturally). Nonetheless she is tirelessly continuing her speeches and writings against the threat of Islam whilst, as Atlas relates, Leftist store clerks call this tireless champion of freedom a fascist.

One day when this war has been won, History will look back on people like Fallaci and yes, even humble Bloggers like Pamela aka Atlas. And it will show that their tireless efforts to show the world the threat that it is under made them true heroines of the West.


Blogger DV said...

Pamela is excellent. I also visit and enjoy her style and substance!

9:26 PM  

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