Monday, March 20, 2006

The Joys Of Mass Immigration

Laban Tall brings us an everyday story or three of the joys of mass immigration. Including a man with a string of sex offences as long as your arm under his belt (if you'll excuse the pun) who was able to enter Britain whilst on the run from Polish police for an attack on a ten-year old.

Paedophilia, rape. No problem. Just so long as you're one of our EU brethren. Or Black African, then we can enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of saving you from grinding poverty whilst also helping ourselves to massage the HIV statistics upwards to pretend that the apocalyptic epidemic of straight, non-junkie indigenous Brits we've spent twenty years predicting is finally coming true. Even though it isnt.

Or Muslim, of course. Did we mention that - well, we dont normally ever mention the M or I words so I suppose we wouldnt have? Maybe you could just come here to fill our 'skilled workers problem' by being permanently unemployed, and help us with our Tuition Fees problem by 'killing the white man'. Or helping us eat our way through the problem before it reaches university for that matter. Though the Beeb will continue to describe everything as 'alleged' until the cows come home - which is likely to be easier when you are helping us to eat our indigenous teenage population.

In other immigration-related News, I said goodbye to my favourite Yank Saturday night as he went off to restart the fight to be allowed to stay in the same country as his kids. Aint life in Britain 2006 fuckin grand?


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