Saturday, April 22, 2006

So Much For That Then

A quick post to mention that Amnesty Liarnational's ridiculous nonsense about 'illegal CIA renditions' has been fisked and filleted, not just by myself but now, both surprisingly and EXTREMELY hilariously, by none other than the EU itself, the organisation which famously called for member states which might have cooperated in these imaginary outrages to be kicked out.

Yes, it seems that no less than 50 hours of testimony by 'human rights activists' and supposed victims of these terrible practices have managed to convince the EU that, well, they're making it up, basically. And this is the EU remember, an organisation that loves to hate the US even more than the Democrats do...

50 hours. Can you imagine these poor bastards from Europol, having to patiently listen to these spluttering loons expounding on their paranoid delusions about nightflights over Eastern Europe whilst their Amnesty handlers look on and nod approvingly. Hey, it aint all glamour stuff, this lifetime's immunity from prosecution or investigation business...

(Hat Tip: LGF)

UPDATE: LGF points out that the 'journalist' who first broke this non-story to the world actually won a Pulitzer Prize for it - however as no actual evidence can be found for it even by the EU, will she either retract it or have it withdrawn? Don't hold your breath.


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