Saturday, February 11, 2006

No More Faith

After their abject display in the face of Islamic calls to murder in London last week, who could have imagined that Britain's pathetic and cowardly PC PCs could sink any lower? Well, now they've really gone for it. Scotland Yard says that it will not guarantee protection from 'protests' for any publication which prints the Mohammed Cartoons.

This is...well, words nearly fail me for how utterly divorced from their intended function the British 'Police Service' have become. Crime is only arrestable or even notable if it is committed by native-born whites anymore. Macpherson crippled the Met with his infamous report on Institutional Racism which has now hogtied them against taking any kind of action against ethnic minorities without ten lawyers and the Archangel Gabriel present to ensure there is no comeback. And now this, the most basic of functions - to protect Freedom of Speech and expression by preventing threats of violence from becoming actuality when directed against an individual or organisation - has been abrogated in the name of Political Correctness.

On July 8th 2005 the 'Bournemouth Islamic Centre' received a single threatening ansaphone message. From the ensuing police reaction you would have thought someone had taken the entire Islamic community of Bournemouth and their puppies hostage and was intending to blow them all up Beslan style. The Centre was immediately granted indefinite 24-7 police protection which for all I know it still enjoys. Contrast this with Scotland Yard's statement above and decide if our PC PCs can in any way be said to be a 'Public' Service anymore unless that Public happens to be Muslim or Black.

Forget relying on the 'boys in blue' ever again, boys and girls. They have sold their souls to the devil, and I hope they learn their lesson before he chews them up and spits them out.


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