Saturday, October 22, 2005

Kofi Can Go Foki Himself

(hat tip: LGF)

Well well well. This is up there with the time the EU suppressed the report in anti-semitism that showed that the vast majority of the violence against Jews in Europe was caused not by neo-nazi skinheads but by adherents of the Religion of Pieces.

Now it seems that our friends in the UN have been caught absolutely bang to rights doctoring the report into the assassination of the Lebanese PM - after dear old Kofi (who amongst his many triumphs in office appointed his son's company to run the Iraq 'Oil for Food' administration - but Bush is attacked over Haliburton?!?!?) promised categorically there would be no coverup.

It seems that, in line with their usual stunning incompetence in all other areas, the UN officials who altered the report to omit the names of virtually the entire Syrian leadership and the clear evidence of their total complicity in this despicable terrorist murder are SO DUMB that they sent out the report electronically with the option to 'Track Changes' still left in it. So hey presto, unnamed 'senior Syrian officials' become the Syrian rulng hierarchy including President Assad's younger brother and brother-in-law.

Kofi: go foki yourself you evil little swine.


Blogger Jimmy K. said...

Funny and right. Saw you post on you were the first one.
Would you like to swap links? I need some across the pond links.
Jimmy K

1:25 AM  

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