Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Fundamental Difference

Having just had a bit of a spat with the Rottypup over at the WideAwakes (he has come out of the closet as a sometime Blair admirer as regards the War on Terror and I, ahem, disagreed in my usual spectacularly intemperate way) I suddenly had one of those great Moments of Insight. Really. I dont get them that often nowadays - guess at 34 I'm too over the hill now for that kind of energetic inspiration. But this time...

So here it is. Williams' 1st Political Postulate or something like that.

'The difference between Left and Right is that the minds of the Right are always open.'

Its true. Go here. Hell, read me bitching at the Yanks on the thread above because they by and large like Blair and I think he's an evil weasel.

Dissent. Disagreement. Debate. Yes, we on the Right generally have the same goals but majorly disagree on the means. And the people who can help us achieve them. Especially on the people!Healthily, by and large. I upset Rottypup by calling Americans naive and saying that Blair suckered them in and he politely disagrees and asks me not to be rude to our colleagues.

Now go here. The only dissent on sites like Democratic Underground is which order all Republicans should be hung, drawn and quartered in. These minds are closed tight as drums. They have absolutely no room in their ideological tower for anything that doesnt fit.

Try it out. Go to Democratic Underground or the Daily Kos and say something, anything, that doesnt fit the consensus. If your reading this blog it shouldnt be a tough job :). Dont be blatant about it, just gently disagree with the general (raging) flow of opinion. And see what reception you get from the 'liberals' who call US the fascists who hate free speech...


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