Wednesday, September 28, 2005

When two pictures tell the story

Isnt it funny how this person genuinely cant see the essential ridiculousness of her position?

Stop the Fascist BNP! Cos they're racist homophobic Nazis, arent they?

Freedom for Palestine! Cos Palestinians arent like that at all are they?

Erm, hang on a mo. Arent all non-Muslims Dhimmis who should be treated as second-class citizens and ghettoised to prevent them from unduly influencing the purity of Islamic society? Dont the Palestinians think that all Jews are evil unclean Zionist pigs who sacrifice Arab children at Purim? Arent they taught this in school at about the same time as our kids are taking swimming lessons? Dont they make it pretty clear that parading through the West Bank in a pink tutu with a hairy chest is going to get you lynched before you can say 'Queers for Palestine'?



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