Friday, September 23, 2005

One of Those 'What If' moments...

This has been called the Most Politically Incorrect Post Ever.

Its a bizarre fact that indeed this hasnt happened yet, in Britain or the States or hell, even in Israel where the worst any Kahane-loving Jewish terrorist has ever perpetrated against the Palestinians has been a spray of machine gun fire. I wonder why not?

The answer's simple of course. None of the above come from a culture which glorifies the killing of innocents. See, all of the above take the narrow Western view that small children arent necessarily responsible for the lack of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate and therefore shouldnt be seen as legitimate targets. However this view is not shared by Leftist politicians like this moron.

"The present action in Iraq has resulted in carnage with no end in sight," he will say. "It is a war built on a lie which has fanned the flames of international terrorism.
The consequences for this country have been murder and atrocity on the streets of London, essential liberties under serious threat and community relations under real pressure."

Answers as to which war caused 9/11 on a postcard please. Thats the tragedy of Iraq more than any other - morons like this have a convenient excuse to blame Islamofascism on. BAD Dubya. BAD!

'Community relations'? 'Real pressure'? A Scottish Nationalist has the balls to talk about pressure on community relations? Note to Mr Salmond - when your proud nation of Anglophobes starts taking anything like its fair share ( of 'economic migrants' and asylum seekers and youve spent a night or two in say, East London on the Roman Road watching the vehicles burning and the ethnically exclusive gangs - Somalis, Ethiopians, Kosovars to name but a few - trying to maim each other while the residents run for cover and hope they wont get caught in the crossfire - then, and only then, can you pontificate about 'pressure on community relations'. You prat.

I apologise to American readers who might not be aware of who Mr.Salmond is. Dont worry yourselves. He is the British equivalent of a failed Presidential candidate who resigns from the failed opposition party and then is reinstated years later in the midst of the horrified realisation that even such a nonentity is better than the alternatives. Hell, thats how this Blog got started, because I wanted to take a leetle pop at just such a person...


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