Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Guardian Islamic Atlas - A

(carefully selected extracts from the new 'Guardian Islamic Atlas', for Jihadist Geography lovers everywhere)

Today's letter: A

Afghanistan: Home of the wondrous Taliban, the perfect Islamic regime. In this paradise on earth, men were imprisoned if their beards were of insufficient length, women who even looked at another man in a suggestive way beneath their veils were executed in huge stadia for the enjoyment of all, homosexuals and christians were buried alive...but then it all went tragically wrong when the Great Satan (see below) took umbrage at the expression of righteous Moslem anger on 9/11. The Taliban proclaimed proudly that they were host to those responsible and were accordingly bombed back into the Stone Age. Their declarations of responsiblity did come as a bit of a surprise when every other Moslem country said the Joooooz did it, however such contradictions are part of the mysteries of Allah and must not be questioned or we will do to you what we used to do to the filthy homosexuals! Any confusion is caused by the influence of the evil Zionists who now control Afghanistan and must be ignored! Mossad caused 9/11 whether the blessed Osama says Al-Qaeda did or not. So there.

America: The Great Satan. The filthy, unclean cesspool of, well, you know, bad stuff. Controlled by the evil Zionists, it has an annoying habit of kicking good Islamic arses into the next world unless we, you know, sneak around a lot and blow up innocent civilians instead of actually fighting like men. This can be very emasculating, which is why we tend to subjugate women so brutally in our own countries - its all their fault we beat our wives and kids you know. Feelings of inadequacy at our total inability to destroy the Jews and convert the entire world to Islam is the cause of our tendency to self-detonate and commit violent acts towards women and homosexuals, but sadly it is only America's opposition Democrats who seem to truly feel our pain. The Republican ruling party dont seem to give a shit, the bastards.

(tomorrow, letter B: Bali and Britain...)


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