Monday, October 10, 2005

The John Humphrys Definition of Language

Test the Nation. Hmmm. Test our English? Sure, we can do that. Answer some comprehension and literacy questions in between card games? Yeah, why not.

Well, should have known better shouldnt I...I dont know what it is about Saturday night on Al-Beeb that always manages to get me so pissed at them, but this time it was everyone's favourite Leftist Broadcasting Monopoly's top line of attack - America.

You wouldnt think that a program testing British people's knowledge of English would have much room for direct attacks on President Bush. But oh no, Al-Beeb can find a way to attack the evil Great Satan in anything. So we had everyone's favourite whining leftist broadcaster Mr Humphrys, a man so far to the Left that even Al-Beeb actually had to rap his knuckles recently...

"Its the way Bush uses language that I find so disturbing. He said in a speech recently 'these people hate us so much because we are free'. I find that sinister."

Disturbing? Using plain, simple language to describe the motives of terrorists is disturbing? Sinister? Referring to Al-Qaeda (though of course dear John didnt put the speech in context, naturally - perhaps we were meant to think the reference was to the Wombles rather than Islamofascists) as haters of freedom is sinister?

Now thats the kind of language I find extremely disturbing, Mr Humphrys. Describing Islamofascists as anything but haters of freedom is using language in the worst way. Its called lying.


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