Friday, July 28, 2006

The Ranting King In Thoughtful Mood

Banagor has decided to carry on. Much brow-wiping from those of us who love to see him work, whether it be in total spleen-venting rant mode or otherwise. In his 'reasons for continuing' (or rather the reasons why he thought about stopping I suppose) he complains that not many people like to read his more thoughtful and logical pieces as opposed to his expletive-filled rants. I suppose that I am responsible for that in my own small way by terming him 'King of the Rants' on my own modest Blogroll.

So, without further ado I shall redress the balance, and instead of a rant direct you all to what is indeed a very well thought out and relatively mild-mannered essay entitled 'Fallacies and Logic', worth reading every bit as much as, for example, his famous 'Muslim Porn' posts.



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