Friday, September 11, 2009

Dear Truthers...

...I shall be avoiding any and all 9/11 related threads on any Blog or other website today. Because you make me want to slap you repeatedly about the head with a wet fish, Monty Python style, until you're so dazed you can't spout your insane babble any more. And then maybe, just maybe, the fact that you are a colossally stupid and desperate person will sink into your tiny brain and you will then wish to throw yourself into the nearest river in disgust at your own appalling pointlessness.

I don't like Truthers much, as you might have guessed. To me they have exactly the same mentality as Holocaust Deniers, whom the eldest and I had a lengthy discussion about a couple of days ago. That mentality is born of a twofold aberration - the first is an obsessive hatred of either a group or person (Bush/Evil Nazi Republicans, Jews), and the second is usually an admiration for and a desire to excuse or even abrogate in the public mind the crimes of another group or person (Nazis, Islamic Fundamentalists - well all right, bit of an oxymoron there but still). Each form of this has its own uniquely revolting aspects - and with Trutherism its the ever-increasing convergence with actual Holocaust Denial and denialists which makes me even madder still.

Over at Tangled Web an American contributor, as might reasonably be expected on today of all days, posted a link to video footage of the first plane striking the Towers this morning. And sure enough, the first couple of pages of comments on the Youtube video were filled with nutballs saying things as cogent and well argued as 'Bush did 9/11'.

Some people engage with Truthers, try to debate them, turn them back to some semblance of sanity using sweet reason. I personally prefer the wet fish option. It's far more likely to succeed, and dammit, it's just so much more satisfying.

Those of us with brains tuned to Sanity FM remember what happened on September 11th 2001, and we remember with perfect clarity. We know who was responsible. We don't need to hear about fifth planes, about Israeli tourists or how there were no Jews in the Twin Towers on the day, or how Alex Jones' radio show is really cool, man.

We remember. And we don't ever, ever forget.



Anonymous Daphne said...

No, we won't ever forget.

I have a ritual every September 11th. I grab a cup of coffee and begin reading all of the historical accounts of 9/11. I look at the pictures, view the footage, slowly make my way through all of the personal stories of people who ran from the burning towers, fled the pentagon, and lost their loved ones. I pay special attention to the stories of flight 93 and that of the first responders who rushed in to help and died doing so.

I cry. Alot. I feel waves of hot anger and a deep pride for my fellow countrymen. I take special care to remember every moment of that morning, toddlers at my feet, watching with unspeakable horror as the second plane hit. I need to remember, I want to remember - the people who died deserve my remembrance. The men and women who worked tirelessly to rescue and save deserve my remembrance.

There will be no forgetting, not ever.

Damn, I'm crying again.

3:35 PM  

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