Friday, April 06, 2007

Kick The Dogs

Via the wonderful House of Dumb, we have another piece of Tory PC lunacy to either laugh or cry at, depending on your political allegiances. This time its that luverly photogenic 'Muslim female in a suit' that the Tories love to trot out from time to time, such as afer 7/7 when she called for dialogue with the bombers' colleagues in a statement that had a marked lack of exhortations to, you know, bring them to justice.

Yes folks, the latest piece of cuddly Tory nuttiness is this: rejected asylum-seekers should be given a 'revokable' licence to work. That's right. People who have come to Europe's most liberal asylum regime and whose claims have finally filtered through the labyrinthine system of bloodsucking advocacy lawyers and Home Office encouragement and still have had their claims found to be so laughably false that they are rejected should be...allowed to stay here anyway.

I liked this bit best:

"They are unable to work or contribute to society, unable to leave and sleeping rough."

Uh-huh. So now rejected asylum-seekers are 'unable to leave'. Lady, that's the Government's job. I appreciate that its going to leave a wee carbon footprint to put the small percentage of failed asylum seekers in Britain on a plane back to their point of origin, but then again hopefully this would be our poor impoverished asylum-seeker's only flight that year anyway, fulfilling another of Blu-Labour's nutty policies.

Quite apart from the general lunacy of the Tory hierarchy in abandoning any pretence whatsoever that they are going to control mass immigration into Britain, what should we make of the loyal diehards at Conservative Home? Those 'true-blues', spinning frantically along as they try to make sense of their leadership's latest kick in the teeth to everything they believe in, usually by, as can be seen, blaming the messenger as if any such message in the 2007 Tory Party is issued without the approval of Central Office.

The Tory hierarchy figured out some time ago that it is possible to come up with any Policy, make any statement, perform any action no matter how antithetic to the beliefs of the Conservative membership, and still have that membership deliver the leaflets, send the money, put in the effort and generally roll onto its back to have its collective tummy scratched come election time.

These true-blue doggies have been kicked so many times that it seems they've actually started to like it.

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Blogger British National Party member said...

OT; Ive just found a site your going to like. Look at the Cronulla video's!

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to consider myself a Conservative with a small C .
But now my choice of who to vote for is limited to 3 parties that fundamentally agree on everything that has made this country a laughing stock and a soft touch.
Thats why I decided given the option to vote BNP i will do, not because i agree with everything they stand for ( but no one can agree with everything a party says) but because in general they believe the things I believe.
I honestly believe they speak for the ordinary working man rather than any of the complete charlatans who have run this country into the ground.
There is no longer the stigma attached to voting BNP and I believe come the May election the liberal scum will find there lies have come to nought and more of the british people are finally awaking from the bad dream that has been imposed for the last 10 years and voting for their country and there future !!

10:45 PM  
Blogger British National Party member said...

Brilliant! im really glad to hear that :-) I think your right about election day; the establishment are going to find themselves facing a dilemma with four options.

1) do nothing and continue to bleed votes both ways

2) ban us or approach banning us more than they have now

3) go left and lose *lots* of votes to us.

4) go right and lose the muslim vote to 'respect' and similar.

Either way, it should get interesting.

9:05 PM  

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