Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Seems Only Fair

It has been suggested that I am unfairly BNP-bashing of late, and being rather unfair to Mr Griffin and his motley crew by focussing unfair attention on some of the Party's more unsavoury sympathisers. So in the interests of parity, I give you Mr David Noakes, exemplar of the fruitcake, 'swivel eyed loon' tendency of the UK Independence Party.

Mr Noakes, it should be pointed out, is no longer a member of UKIP, just as Philip 'monkeys have longer arms than humans' Bryant isnt a member of the BNP. However he was a leadership candidate last year. I visited his website during the campaign as I did all the candidates, and found that he was most definitely of the 'the only thing matters is the EU' wing of UKIP. I also found that in Mr Noakes we have a truly obsessed 'anti-' person. His website, EU Truth is an awful mishmash of anti-EU points strung together with some depressingly familiar bits of nonsense from the Leftist playbook, such as this:

"Under EU law the "Shoot to kill" policy did not need democratic authorisation. Just two senior police officers authorised the police to kill British people. A democratic vote by Parliament was not required, but even that would not have legalised the killing under British common law. A recent victim was an innocent Brazilian, Jean de Menezes, shot dead in Stockwell underground station, even though he was being held down by police officers at the time of the execution. The police used dum-dum bullets, outlawed under the Geneva Convention because they blow a man to pieces inside."

Firstly, de Menezes wasnt a British citizen - he was an illegal immigrant who had been working without paying Tax for some time, and whose family have links to some of Brazil's worst Marxist terror groups. He was being held down by Police Officers because they thought he was about to detonate a bomb that would have killed everyone for some radius, having run from armed Police Officers and grabbed another Tube passenger after exiting the same block of flats used by the four incompetent failed suicide bombers currently on trial. Also, there are several different types of hollow point bullets, and none are banned by the Geneva Convention unless it can be shown that they cause 'unnecessary suffering'.

EU Law here has absolutely nothing to do with the de Menezes case. These were not Europol officers, these were British ones and this is not an area in which the EU had any involvement whatsoever. It is police-bashing, pure and simple.

There is more of the same later on. Straight out of the Leftist playbook, once again.

"The tendancy to pick on Muslims, as Germany used to pick on Jews, has already begun. Europe will be a very nasty place."

What arrant, utter nonsense. Its interesting that Noakes chooses to identify with everyone's favourite victim group as a way of bashing the EU, showing his total ignorance of the EU's enormous protectiveness over its Islamic population even to the point of suppressing reports on anti-semitism which blamed Europe's Muslims as the main culprit!

And just to reinforce his wholescale adoption of 'anti-everything', Noakes decides to end his ramblings by linking here to what I assume is another of his ranting sites. Bush Derangement Syndrome to the max, baby! Bush the satanist, Bush the coke dealer, Bush the vote rigger who supposedly removed hundreds of thousands of democrat voters from the Florida Electoral Roll at the last minute, oh my...

So, why Noakes? Why go after him in particular? DSD got nothing better to do while his daughter finishes a Maths exercise?

This is why
. There is a very big problem with UKIP in that every time it has a leadership contest the losers almost all throw their toys out of the pram within a few months of losing. And Noakes, having lost, spent some time accusing Nigel Farage of first of all 'smearing', then internal corruption and now says that the entire UKIP leadership is in the pay of the EU and is 'suppressing anti-EU activities'.

Noakes' anti-EU' activities generally have in the past consisted of embarassing the present leadership by engaging in 'swivel-eyed loon' activities (and of course utterances) which help no one and help reinforce the image of UKIP the media and of course David Cameron would like to generate in the minds of the public. And in his letter he singles out UKIP's southwest organiser Malcolm Wood for the majority of his bile - once again having lost a leadership contest, albeit on a smaller scale.

For the uninitiated, let me explain something about UKIP's MEPs and Regional Coordinators, especially Malcom Wood. They spend a minimal amount of time in Brussels, generally appearing only to provide a voice of opposition during what is laughably called the 'debates'. Unlike the rest of the parasitic lowlifes we call MEPs they do not spend the rest of that time idle. They spend it driving around the country to meeting after meeting, addressing crowds large and small and they drive themselves pretty damn hard.

They also scour the regulations and documents which the Commission produces and pass the nastiest of them out to sympathetic journalists. Remember all those shock horror headlines in the Mail and the Sun about the dreaded European Constitution? Who do you think passed the drafts out to Simon Heffer, who then raised blue murder in the offices of the Mail until they began running stories on it? Nigel Farage, Graham Booth and Jeremy Titford of UKIP, thats who! Those of us in UKIP were aware of the appalling nature of the Constitution long before the Tories belatedly picked up on it. Yet all those Tory MEPs in Brussels were quite happy for the document to be enshrined over us all until the Mail ran headlines on it.

UKIP did that. Say thank you, boys and girls.

Now, I've known Malcolm Wood for a very long time. In fact he chaired the meeting where I agreed to be Vice-Chairman for the Christchurch constituency way back in 2001, only to become Chairman when the incumbent resigned through ill health shortly afterward. In all the time I spent with UKIP I can honestly say that I have rarely met a more dedicated, hardworking and thoroughly anti-EU individual than Malcolm Wood. He covers by any reasonable estimate at least a thousand miles a week driving around the Southwest of England to chair and help arrange meetings. During the General Election campaign he visited dozens of Constituencies to give encouragement and moral support to UKIP candidates speaking at their first meetings, including Christchurch's own David Hughes.

But, because he has thwarted Noakes increasingly dwindling ambitions once more, he is now supposedly 'suppressing anti-EU activities' for money. Possibly the nastiest smear possible against a dignified individual who I know is deliberately choosing not to rise to it and descend to the level of the gutter.

I, on the other hand, dont mind getting a bit dirty and showing David Noakes up for what he is - a disgruntled swivel-eyed loon who UKIP is far, far better off without.



Blogger Devil's Kitchen said...

Hear, hear!


10:18 AM  
Anonymous John said...

Pretty much true, I've been a bit of a follower of David Noakes' increasingly bizarre claims about the EU over the past year. It's truly breathtaking that someone with this level of political skill can get 10% in UKIP's leadership contest.

6:12 AM  

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