Monday, March 12, 2007

Hey Buddy, Can You Spare Me A Parallel?

Via the Wide Awakes, what may well be a very familiar sounding tale to those of us who grew up with Derek Hatton and the infamous Militant Tendency in the 80's. For me the antics of the 'Loony Left' Labour local Councils and their 'nuclear free zones', councillors ranting about US smart bombs which were programmed only to target black people and complete inability to spend money on anything vaguely resembling essential services, were my first introduction to the true insanity of distilled Leftism, or Moonbattery as it is known in modern parlance.

Seems out in the good old US of A the Dems are having similar issues...

"The following account is most likely playing out across the country – especially in small rural communities. My source has asked me to keep silent until after the elections are over. Tomorrow I will reveal more of this story. But for now, suffice it to say that activists Democrats are quietly taking over the party and silently eliminating duly elected local party chairs by very unscrupulous and possibly illegal means."

Its called Entryism. The British Left is fantastic at it. Hell, they dont just restrict it to local parties, they have used it to infiltrate just about every TV newsroom in Britain...

"In comes a new party volunteer that offers to help get the local party online with a new web site. The local party is delighted. Donations come in, money is spent finding a good web site developer, and the local party web site goes online.

The helpful new volunteer offers to act as web administrator. The country chair is delighted. But little by little, the new web administrator takes more and more liberties and begins to publish “news articles” that are filled with questionable inflammatory opinions. The party chair asks the new volunteer to cease these activities. But the new volunteer refuses. Then the party chair is forced to remove the new volunteer as web administrator."

Its Militant all over again, updated for the Internet age...go read the whole thing, and if like me you remember well this stuff happening in the UK twenty years ago it will send a shiver down your spine...

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