Tuesday, March 06, 2007

On The Darker Side

Via that man Laban Tall...

The Campus Crusade For Cthulhu.

Oh dearie dearie me...

I have always been a big Lovecraft fan. In fact, I just ran a Live Action Roleplaying Game entitled Area 52 with a Call of Cthulhu theme, though the poor players didnt know it was a Cthulhu theme 'until it was too late', as they say. The expression on the face of the team's Cryptographer (who was cast as a Cryptographer because he used to be one for the Norwegian Army and yes, he came all the way to the sunny South Coast of England for a Roleplaying convention, the mad fool) when he finally put it all together was quite a picture...

For this grand event Mrs Right-Wing Zionist Conspirator made a huge cardboard sarcophagus which she then discreetly climbed into halfway through (right after the massed hippie Alien Rights protesters gatecrashed the party), in full costume. See this picture, and ask yourselves if you could stay absolutely stil and quite inside that thing for two hours in costume including a papier-mached crash helmet...

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