Monday, November 20, 2006

Interesting New Blog & A Meeting of the Minds the name of Coming Out From Under. The chappie/lady is a Lib Dem who seems to have suddenly woken up to the fact that he is surrounded by people in his Party who are neither Liberal nor Democratic. I would suggest he plumps for UKIP but I'm not totally sure on that one myself - I am due to meet Nigel Farage this Friday night myself and am waiting to see if he impresses as much in person and seems truly sincere in his 'broad base agenda' and if he is, I am intending to rejoin once I finish my Childcare NVQ in February.

Which leads onto the next part of this post. Friday's meeting will also be a first of sorts. Why? Because the future Mrs Right-Wing Zionist Conspirator is coming with the same purpose as I am, that's why.

Now, I've met Knapman. I was in fact at his first public meeting after he took the leadership and was one of the first to shake his hand and wish him well. A very likeable, charming but also somewhat out of his depth, cautious and ineffectual person. In short, a great asset to the Party but NOT as a leader to push a radical agenda. Though why UKIP's raft of Policies should be seen as 'radical' is beyond me - it is, as it is being called, the Commonsense Agenda.

Farage, now. Well he's a great, nay fantastic speaker, in fact it was his speech at a packed 250-strong meeting several years ago in Christchurch which convinced me to join UKIP and help start a Constituency Association. However he was previously very much part of the 'Dont mention anything but the EU' wing of UKIP which always put me off the man somewhat as I am very firmly NOT of that wing, and indeed think that UKIP should be so much more than the Party that 'gets us out'.

Farage is now a reformed character, it seems. He is consistent with his message of a broadbased, basically Rightwing agenda - and by Rightwing I mean conservative with a small c - small government, respect for Civil Liberties, but also actually acknowledging the concept of Prison as a Punishment and Deterrent rather than an evil, reforming Education by removing bureaucracy completely and also wiping away the stain of social engineering and politicisation from our schools and teacher training colleges. In short, common sense.

But there is of course the Elephant In The Room. The Elephant which is the reason Mrs RWZC is coming to meet Farage, and the question she is going to ask him - and is also the reason I left UKIP in disgust last year when the Party failed to issue a single statement about or even mention on its website the appalling events of the 7th July 2005.

"What would UKIP do about Islam if elected, Mr Farage?"

I will most definitely be posting his answer over the weekend.

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Anonymous Out From Under said...

And I'll be very interested in reading it. Thanks for the link too!

1:15 PM  
Blogger Platform9 said...

Neither UKIP or the UK will do anything about Islam. Both are dead ducks.

England however. Is the soon to be born again stop sign to Islam.

Home rule for England.

2:38 AM  

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