Thursday, November 09, 2006

Top Republican Fundraiser Says It All

Richard A. Vigurie nails it pretty damn well.

"Congressional Republicans should quickly disassociate themselves from the failed big government policies of President Bush and set a conservative course. The White House has failed them, initiating policies that the voters have now soundly repudiated. Congressional Republicans should always remember who elected them — the conservative and independent voters back home, not the elitist (and lame duck) power brokers in the White House, on K Street, and at the Republican National Committee," he went on to say.

"At the same time, grass-roots conservatives must no longer act as an appendage of the Republican Party. We should concentrate instead on becoming a Third Force in American politics that forces both parties to the Right and sets the nation's agenda."

I wonder if Britain's 'Good Conservatives' are listening?

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