Monday, October 30, 2006

The Naked Jew-Hatred Of Al-Beeb

Here's the plot, right?

Islamic Terrorists storm into an Embassy, hold the people inside it hostage, including the same incompetent bunch of MI5 agents who always seem to have managed to get themselves held hostage - this was happening both the last two times I accidentally tuned into the pile of monumental shite that is Spooks. The Terrorists then start shooting hostages one by one until their demands are met (seems unclear what they actually were) until, yes, they are dramatically revealed as...JEWS!

Yes folks, its Mossad in disguise, taking hostages and committing murder for no apparent reason whilst pretending to be Al-Qaeda...led from behind the scenes by their sinister fat, balding, and therefore obviously Jewish handler. He even mouths 'Shalom' apparently, just so there's no confusion.

Is this an isolated incident on this particular freakshow? Nuh-uh. In Al-Beeb's world London it seems is positively teeming with incompetent Jewish assassins and shadowy traitors willing to do the evil Mossad's bidding, duped nonetheless by equally evil Christian fundamentalists, who as well all know have a well-developed intelligence network and terror capabilities capable (apparently) of fooling even possibly the shrewdest intelligence service in the world.

As Eric explains:

"The really bad guys in last night's episode manage to trick the Mossad into thinking that the show's hero, an MI5 agent, is some kind of anti-Semite (obviously grounds for instant assassination - Ken Livingstone watch out! -DSD) , so the Mossad sends in a crack assassination team of around six men armed with easily-identifiable Israeli pistols. ("Ooo! Jerichos - they must be Israelis!" declares one of the crack MI5 team.)

Fortunately, the tall blonde heroine this season (who in the previous episode snarls out the phrase 'Yemenite Jew') - (subtle and tasty stuff from Al-Beeb there, I wonder if any of the characters has ever snarled 'Pali Muslim' with such venom - DSD) uses her martial arts skills to disarm most of them, while unarmed hero Adam deals with the rest. The one surviving member of this "elite" unite of bumbling Jewish terrorists is called off following a phone call made by MI5 boss Harry to his Israeli counterpart, the cultural attache at the Israeli embassy. Harry threatens to have all the Mossad agents in London deported if they don't stop shooting at MI5 officers right now. And no, I'm not making this up.

I wish he was. But of course this is where fiction runs too now - no 'serious' political dramatist would ever dare reflect the real world where Islamic Terrorists actually do murder hostages, do storm embassies and arent either Jews in disguise or manipulated by them (or the Christian Fundamentalists, well known as they are for their subtlety and craft in such matters).

Nah, much easier just to script another thrilling episode of 'blame the Jews'.

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Blogger Devil's Kitchen said...


To be fair, they have also done the Islamic terrorist stuff in quite a few episodes too. I guess they're running out of storylines...


2:52 PM  
Blogger dearieme said...

It would all have been defensible if the Mossad thing had turned out to be a clever plot twist at the very end. But it was obvious from early in the first episode and so the whole thing came over as lame political propaganda.

6:00 PM  
Blogger Rastaman said...

Serious? That was an actual show? People even watched it?

I keep saying, Do not tune in to the BBC, it's a constant stream of crap. But no one listens to me.


6:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I quite liked Spooks when it first came out and that is perhaps because it then seemed different. I tend to agree that it is now too pc for its own good. And it also seems to lack (I am sorry to use the term) verisimiltude: I can almost cope with prima facie preposterous storylines but even I baulk when they baddies are porytrayed as incompetent and our heroes as supremely skilled super men and women with incorruptible morals.

6:41 AM  
Blogger Stan said...

I haven't watched Spooks since the first ten minutes of the first episode. It is utter garbage.

Life On Mars is utter garbage, too - but at least it was witty and entertaining garbage.

2:48 PM  

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