Saturday, November 04, 2006

Britain 2006 - He Who Mugs The Piper Calls The Tune

The response to explaining to the teacher (who the day before had a ten-year old throw his schoolbag at her and hurl abuse after her in front of his classmates and just walked away) that the same ten-year old has been making threats against my daughter and also explaining to er how his father (who is actually a drug-dealing scumbag of a step-father) is going to come and beat me up.

"Well I'm afraid the Government is dragging its feet on giving us the funds so we can give him the support he needs."

The support he needs. That's Britain 2006.

In conversation with a 'small businesswoman' of my acquaintance this morning:

"Well you know I'm from Milton Keynes. When my kids were at school we had a huge problem with gypsies. Every so often there'd be a huge influx, they were violent, wrecked wherever they parked their caravans, and then there kids would come into the school, they were so badly-behaved, violent as well. And the school would find the funds and draft in extra staff to teach those kids for a few months and our kids' education would suffer accordingly."

Now thats about three-four years ago. Anyone think Milton Keynes isnt still laying out the welcome mat for those colourful gypsy folk with their colourful habit of turning pleasant green land into rubbish-choked wasteland? They come to Kings Park in Boscombe every year now, because Dorset County Council laid out the welcome mat a few years back and explained how it wanted to spend our money on 'reaching out' to these kings of the road. So now every year the community wearily awaits the few weeks when most of the park becomes a no-go area, when the grass which has just recovered from the previous year's depredations will be blackened and churned into mud again, when bouncers outside Bournemouth's clubs try to make sure they are on duty in another county in case the charming gypsy chappies start another round of drive-by shootings directed at the staff of whichever club they were turned away from the night before.

All at our expense. That's Britain 2006. Whoever makes the most noise and the most mess gets the resources.

When will the rest of us learn to start breaking things and shouting? It's the only form of communication that this or any future Government seems to understand.

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Blogger British National Party member said...

Here's Enoch Powell, in 1976;

'The nation has been, and is still being, eroded and hollowed out from within by the implantation of large unassimilated and unassimilable populations ... in the heartland of the state. ... The disruption of the homogeneous "we", which forms the basis of parliamentary democracy and therefore of our liberties, is now approaching the point at which the political mechanics of a "divided community" take charge and begin to operate.. The two active ingredients are grievance and violence.

'There is one factor which not yet been injected. That factor is firearms and explosives.. with the escalating and self-augmenting consequences which we know perfectly well from experience in .. other parts of the world. I do not know whether it will be tomorrow, or next year, or in five years: but it will come.

'At first there will be horrified astonishment, and inquiry as to what we have done wrong that such things should be happening. Then there will be feverish endeavour to find methods to allay the supposed grievances which lie behind the violence. Then follows exploitation by those who use violence of the ascendancy they have thus gained over the majority and over authority. The things goes forward, acting and reacting, until a position is reached in which .. compared with those areas, Belfast today will seem an enviable place'.

4:04 PM  
Blogger The Old Nail said...

It is 'The squeaky wheel' that gets the Oil as they say.

The crying baby gets attended to, while the 'good' baby gets a chapped arse for its' patience.

By the way, excellent quotation BNPM, I'll send that to my local newspaper in this heavily Muslim infested area I inhabit, the Muslims have their 'prophet', and it appears that we had ours!

8:14 AM  

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