Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Answer To The Question

Well, the future Mrs Right-Wing Zionist Conspirator never did manage to ask Nigel Farage the burning question on account of finishing work late. But he fielded some really tough ones rather well, including the one about 'What do you think should be done about British troops in Iraq?'.

The answer was one of quite astonishingly commonsense pragmatism. He doesnt believe that British troops have been given the equipment to do the job of 'counter-insurgency', let alone fight the war that we should be fighting. He also doesnt believe that any British interests either were served or are being served by British troops being in Iraq. He pointed out that not only was Saddam Hussein not truly a real threat to Britain, WMD or not, but that by creating a 'meeting engagement' situation in Iraq we have allowed Syria and Iran, the actual true threats (regimes of madmen as he referred to them) to become the focal points and logistic powerbrokers for Islamic power in the region.

And, most tellingly of all, this 'little Englander' has a strong enough grasp of foreign affairs that he understands that, no matter how distasteful the idea may be, the truth is that the only end to the murderous internecine hatred between Sunni and Shia (with both trying to off as many Kurds as possible on the way to killing each other) is a three-state solution.

And he's right of course.

He identified immigration as the absolute key issue that concerns the British public today. A year ago you'd have been hard put to find a single UKIP official to admit that there was any issue at all facing Britain today that wasnt the EU itself. He wants - shockingly - actual proper work permits to be issued instead of National Insurance numbers for everyone who gets off the boat or plane, EU nationals or not. The fascist! Or something.

In short, I was very impressed. The man's shorter than I realised as well, he actually had to look up at me when pumping my hand and asking me to stand at the Locals next year...I didnt have the heart to tell him I havent been a member for about fourteen months.

Mrs RWZC will endeavour to ask the question next time he's available, of that I have no doubt. Until then, I have to give a definite thumbs up to UKIP's new supremo - if the party's next big policy initiative on Law and Order is as excellent as their Flat Tax proposals and Education paper then I have to predict one new UKIP member and one renewed one for early next year.

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Blogger Stan said...

I've always quite liked Farage, but the guy does come with a lot of baggage apparently.

It will be interesting to see how he holds up when he comes under greater scrutiny from the left leaning media (I.e. around 98% of it).

11:35 AM  
Blogger British National Party member said...

"And he's right of course."

He nicked that from my blog!

2:49 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

BNP Member,

Mine too! Its the only the real hawks who are hanging onto the idea of keeping troops there now, and they are usually of this view not because they are clinging to the idea that we are actually doing anything good there but rather that it would hurt our prestige and make us look weak or somesuch. Methinks that would only be reason number 43 in a very long list of reasons why Muslims think we are weak and spineless right now.


The only real baggage Farage comes with is the fact that he was once a member of the 'one-issue only' wing of UKIP - which still exists but has crumbled away in the face of the practicalities of winning elections! The lurid stories of boozing and womanising and racist remarks etc etc are simply tabloid nonsense which the likes of the Mail always trots out every time UKIP look like taking votes away from Blu-Labour.

4:14 PM  
Blogger Out From Under said...

How and when exactly does he want to withdraw from Iraq?

If we withdrew now we'd actually have to reinforce before we could safely withdraw and more of our soldiers lives would be lost than the entire British dead so far.

Shame there was no chance to ask him what he's do about Islam, I was very interested to hear that.

8:56 PM  

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