Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Returning To Blogging

I'm not sure about this. Not at all. It may be that lack of time will kick me in the teeth once again, though my Childcare NVQ is now finished and I wont be restarting till September. However this must be offset by the Homeschooling factor...

Yes, I've decided to tentatively return to Blogging. I am intending to branch things out from Politics to the whole intense experience of Homeschooling and even the roleplaying games that I like so well, though I suspect Politics will remain the man focus as always.

Why come back? Well things like Tangled Web's Talkradio show, a very ambitious venture indeed, have excited my interest in Online debate again (perhaps just because I like the sound of my own voice so much as I am sure some will suggest :). Also for reasons best known to myself I am finding both Republican and Democrat primaries in the US quite fascinating, and even bought this little gem recently.

With this in mind as most of my (former and hopefully soon returning) readers are British, I will be trying to install the Pajamas Media weekly poll widget thingy on here as well.

Me, I'd be voting for Tom Tancredo, Colorado's 'Immigration Senator'. He isnt seen as one of the four Republican frontrunners (three if you dont count the artful Newt Gingrich, who says that if he does decide to run he isnt going to start campaigning so early anyway and is consistently running second to Rudy Guiliani amongst polls of Republican voters).

I guess many people have 'make or break' issues, issues which would stop them supporting any candidate or Party if they didnt agree on those issues. For me of course domestically that issue is remaining in the European Union, and therefore I would never ever vote or campaign for a Party or candidate which advocated remaining in the EU. If, however, I lived in the United States my primary issue would be that of immigration and specifically of course illegal immigration, which means that I would never vote for McCain because of his sponsorship of what is effectively an amnesty and reward program for illegal immigrants, or for Giuliani who supports it.

I hope Gingrich steps up if Tancredo's campaing doesnt develop, but thats maybe a story for another post...

Incidentally, a part of her Literacy exercises I will be gently encouraging my little person to post on her own Blog in one form or another, to improve her typing for ICT as well if nothing else. And when I get time I will be setting up my father with his own Blog (and yes, Dangerously Subversive Grandad currently heads the Opinion Polls for the best name :), so things may well truly be a family affair from now on...

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Blogger British National Party member said...

Great! "Dangerously subversive Grandad" made me laugh out loud. Good to see you back!

3:18 PM  

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