Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Anti-Capitalists Defend Indefensible Capitalism

Seriously. If there ever was a true case of capitalism gone wild and intruding where it really shouldnt, its the grotesque and bizarre practice of 'buying carbon credits' instead of, you know, not producing the carbon emissions in the first place. But, it seems, the Lefties at Tangled Web are all for this particular brand of capitalism, you know, under certain circumstances.

No prizes for guessing which circumstances folks...

"Brothers, sisters and politicians! If, perchance, you were left feeling slightly (or even mightily) perturbed, vexed and distempered by the revelations that The Prophet Al Gore's personal gas and 'leccy bills are just a tad on the heavy side, quite out of step with his great and holy prophetic utterances of immutable Truth (All repeat: "Truth!") about our impending doom... (All repeat: "Doom!") and if, as a result of your disquiet in the light of these exceedingly sour and bilious revelations, you sought to reassure yourself that said revelations were in fact untrue, or exaggerated, or indeed (whisper!) the work of Xoxxogoth (that damnable agent of slander, libel, defamation and heresy, father of all deniers of global warming Truth (All repeat: "Truth!") and bringer of foul-odoured gastric indisposition at the most embarrassing of moments)....then Lo! Fear not, but cease thy procrastinations at once, O faithful one, and be thou refreshéd* and calméd!* Remember no more, neither call unto thy mind in any wise, how these revelations caused you at first to stumble in The Faith (All repeat: "The Faith!") but let thy trust in the great Prophet Gore be once more restored unto completion!"

I think Tom Tyler's been watching too many evengalical videos myself...though there's definitely a bit of Lovecraftian style in there too...good man.

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