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You Just Keep Doing It To Yourselves

I upset a few people a while ago when I explained why I wouldnt vote BNP. See, I respect this guy. Often disagree with him, but he doesnt use offensive language, and genuinely believes that his BNP support is correct and I know from correspondence that he is not a racist in the 'whites are better than everyone else' sense. Simple, clear statements like this cant really be argued with...

But then we have other 'BNP Bloggers' like this. The first post is a good one about the political corruption of the media, albeit couched in fairly blunt terms. The second is about the whining of Black PC PCs about a white PC being awarded compensation for being smeared over the the investigation into the Muslim Inspector who sent his mistress death threats by text message, amongst other things, and is now national news because he was one of seven applicants rejected for a job that - the horror! - a white officer got.

The third is a curious verbatim reprint of a report which seems at first to say that ASLEF couldnt expel a BNP member but when you get to the end actualy seems to uphold that they could? A weird one, methinks that the original source (the Times) has got somewhat confused? Or is just me?

See, it goes on and all looks OK. Cameron/Mercer, the repeating of the stats about the rising and totally disproportionate incidence of Islamic rapes in Scandinavian cities, all in all not all that different from my own Blog in some ways. It seems that what we have here is just another white guy who's had enough of the hypocrisy of racist Black and Muslims organisations and the Government in treating whites as inferiors and then calling them racist.

And then I got to this post, which was responded to by 'Serendib' who seems to be a member/advocate of one of those Black organisations. And the guy's true colours (if you'll excuse the pun) suddenly come out...

The title pretty much covers it I suppose - 'A Black Trying To Ape Intelligence, LOL'.

Charming. Our respectable BNP Blogger then informs Serendib that:

"The only Anti-Fascist organisation I know of is the BNP, unless you include the NF and Combat 18 (the latter will probably be tracing your whereabouts via the IP address every visitor to this blog leaves on my site meter, which is 86.142.164 and places you in Salcott, Norfolk".

Riiiiiight. So the National Front and Combat 18 are 'anti-fascists'. And our respectable BNP Blogger thinks its cool to boast about being in cahoots with Combat 18, the inept but still extremely nasty wannabe paramilitary Nazi group who skulk around Britain's Nazi Skinhead music scene.

Serendib tongue-in-cheek offers to help our BNP man compile his list of racist Black organisations by telling him that there is a list as long as his collective arms. Our BNP man informs him that he should realise that 'monkeys have longer arms than humans' and that if he doesnt understand the purpose of compiling a list of such organisations he should get a white friend to read them to him.

So, Combat 18 is cool. Blacks are monkeys. Blacks cant read. There's more, but you get the point. He's even popped over here and then strutted about his site's higher hit count which did make me grin.

Yeah maybe asking him to find a black friend to read the posts to him where it shows I took a long Blogging break and therefore am only just back up and running was a bit mean, but hey, a big tough guy with friends in C18 ought to be able to take it on the chin...

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Blogger British National Party member said...

Ah. Well, that doesn't look good. Just to point out though, the link to my site is broken! And i think you missed another link off below mine to the site serendib commented on.

Actually ive been having a few proper arguments with serendib - which naturally i won - and you can read them here.

He also used the black agenda site against me as a parting shot.

2:06 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Go and read the comments Gareth. He is issuing all kinds of denials about calling Serendib a monkey for example even when the evidence is right above him in his own words. One of those knuckledraggers we've talked about before I'm afraid, though now he also says he isnt a BNP man. I assumed he was from his comments, perhaps I was wrong about that.

He also says I'm a PC Tory, thats a really funny one, he is like one of those Lefties who thinks that everone not to the Left of Hugo Chavez is a fascist...

Serendib is obviously just another Black Power muppet on a powertrip, well there are plenty of those and unfortunately until we sort this country out they will continue to thrive.

6:58 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Serendib does have a valid point about your Blogroll though. Your own views may not be ones that would put people off voting BNP but you do link to a lot of people whose views most definitely would.

7:02 PM  
Blogger British National Party member said...

Im not just saying this, you have fingered the most offensive post i have seen in a nationalist blog i link to.

In BFB's defence he runs a good and consistent news blog. Ive not seen him be so offensively intemperate before. You are right that it would lose us votes if it came from our platform but he does say he is not a member. I agree with your point that linking to posts like that wont win us any votes - and if his blog was like that id never read it and certainly wouldn't link to it - but its an aberration, not the rule.

Serendib is better or worse than what you describe depending on your point of view. He just will not accept the logical extension of his beliefs, though he is smart enough to see them. And for all his knowledge, IMO that makes him an effeminate coward (Hardly something one could accuse Phil of being!)

And i wouldn't call you P.C. heh.

Lastly you say i link to a lot of people who would put people off, but i don't know who. Apart from what we have already talked about (and perhaps with the exception of "nationalist dissident voice" to be fair, but again he isn't a member because he thinks we have sold out) I don't know of any offensive blogs there. In fact, and OK I'm biased, but i think they have a lot of interesting pieces between them.

8:03 PM  
Blogger Guardian apostate said...

I check Battle for Britain most days (as I also check your blog, welcome back) because I quite often find something of interest there. In a world dominated by the PC point of view it's often refreshing to get a different perspective on things. That said I do often wince at some of BFB's more robust language. Not only because I find racism uncomfortable but also because I fear it reflects badly on the broader nationalist movement which I'm far more sympathetic to. Although I don't condone it I do have some sympathy (not that he would necessarily ask for it) for his anger. Faced with a London changing beyond recognition due to mass immigration, the suppression and corruption of mainstream media debate on the subject and the general liberal, leftist, Marxist, PC (tick whichever box you prefer) establishment maybe he has cause. I do think that tactically it's an own goal though.

I'm not sure that this would stop me voting BNP. I've read many articles and news stories on their site and perhaps unsurprisingly there is nothing I would consider overtly racist. I also read many of Nick Griffin's blog posts and interviews and he comes across as a fairly decent and likeable bloke who tries to steer people away from hatred of ethnic minorities. His position seems to be that they are as much victims of the liberal elite as those of us who feel immigration has gone too far. I think the BNP have come a long way. Though I may be proved wrong I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt. I wish I'd read your post about why you wouldn't vote for them because I'd be sincerely interested to know your perspective on them. I'm not only concerned with equality for all but also about the slow and subtle cultural changes bought about by immigration. In particular I'm concerned about Islam (in the exchange between BNPM and Serendib on the BPNM's site Serendib was quite mistaken about Islam; if you're reading this please read the posts linked to below). It's for those reason I shall take my chances with the BNP.

11:26 PM  
Blogger BFB said...


Why did you apologize to 'the monkey'?

Is it because he is BLACK?

Have you been so frightened to accuse a ....dare I say person of racism that you feel the need to apologize for having done so?

Answer my FUCKING question, and stop trying to justify your hatred of the BNP by suggesting that I in some way have influence over them.

Jeez, you really have scraped the bottom of the barrel with this one!

He is issuing all kinds of denials about calling Serendib a monkey for example even when the evidence is right above him in his own words

I responded to this unsubstantiated accusation of yours on my blog, please have the decency to refer your readers to it!

though now he also says he isnt a BNP man.

Why would I lie? I am not a member of the BNP which rather negates your unwarranted attack on both me and the party.

He also says I'm a PC Tory, thats a really funny one, he is like one of those Lefties who thinks that everone not to the Left of Hugo Chavez is a fascist...

Why not bring these negatory remarks to MY BLOG where this childish slur of yours began?

Serendib IS A FUCKING MONKEY! Why should I regret speaking the truth?

And why are you reluctant to do so?

12:27 AM  
Blogger BFB said...

Any blogger who enables 'blog owner approval' is, by definition, a FACIST.

12:29 AM  
Blogger BFB said...

british national party member said:"Ah. Well, that doesn't look good."

What doesn't look good?

The fact that I am not bound by the Marxist dictats of of Political Correctness?

Do you think I should be?

I may use the forbidden word 'monkey', but nowhere near as often as the offensive word 'RACIST' which is banded around as if Jesus himself sanctioned it's usage, much to the dismay of politically correct adherents like yourself!


12:40 AM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Thank you for the perspectives, Gareth and GA. Gareth, I agree yes he runs a good news Blog and GA I agree he has every right to be angry with the state of his City. Doesnt mean that he isnt just as bad as those who say 'all whiteys are racist' because if you read his comments below you'll see that having first denied calling Serendib a monkey he is now repeating it! Poor boy's starting to crack.

See I have no time for racists of that stripe, you can call it PC if you like, I'm sure he would. If he makes a reasoned argument about Black Crime, Black (Crime) Culture and its negative effects as Gareth has previously done on here then I'm happy to debate it and would mostly agree I'm sure. But 'your a monkey' and 'watch out for Combat 18' arent debating points, they are just moronic slurs/threats. He's been caught out and now he is trying to cover his tracks by fixating on my using 'sorry' to serendib as a part of speech rather than acknowledging how bloody daft he looks trying to intimidate and threaten people who disagree with him and actually have the temerity to be Black on HIS Blog.

Phil, well. If you think I have a problem accusing Black people of racism then perhaps the phrase 'Black Power muppet on a powertrip' escaped your notice? Maybe you do need to go find someone to read it to you...

This is what happens when you arent speaking to the closed circle Phil. The hilarity of a man who throws C18 around as a threat calling me a fascist has really made my day, cheers!

7:57 AM  
Blogger The Green Arrow said...

Guys you gotta stop this. There is an election coming up and we should all be pulling together.

If you want to continue then take it offline. You can bet the scumbag UAF love this.

9:59 AM  
Blogger British National Party member said...

When i was a young man - younger than now even - i went to a psychologist. At that point i hadn't been diagnosed with aspergers you see, so i was all mixed up. Anyway, i first vocalised something to him that i hadn't heard before; that if i rebel against something my life is still controlled by it, as what i do is based upon it. Sure, it means you do the opposite as opposed to what your told but you only do it because of what you are rebelling against, and that's no way to live a life just as meek, childlike obedience isn't.

Now here is a part of something Nick Griffin wrote, about the appeal of nazism.

"[T]o identify with losers - in whatever war, and however much they may be hated by people who also hate you - is to programme your subconscious to lose. It's not just that the mass of people don't like them, 'Nazis' are pre-programmed to remain on the fringe, hard-wired to fail, happy to be cut off from normal society and the mainstream because it is mentally far easier and stops them becoming uncharacteristically successful."

Now im not for a moment suggesting that BFB has anything to do with nazism, my point is that NG has recognised and vocalised the same process i did. Its harmful to all people, but i do believe its a fairly necessary step on the road to true and rare independent thought.

Phil, who takes great pride in not being PC and who has recognised PC as being immensely harmful and threatening to us, i think saw the biggest, reddest sheet and charged, inadvertently exposing the ugly side of always taking the belligerent stance. Serendib knew what he was doing. He got in the ring, waved the big red sheet, and then stepped back. And here we are.

I don't mean the above to offend, but i do think its an accurate summarisation of what happened. Maybe im wrong.

11:26 AM  
Blogger blueboy said...

I go to Phil's site everyday and his comments are good, if you go to any Muslim site you will see that they hate us and wish to turn the UK into an Islamic state, we cannot allow that to happen.All Muslims wish that and don't let them fool you that they don't. If you wish to live in an Islamic state that's up to you, i don't. My view is if people living here wish to do that, they should leave and go and live in a country that is Islamic instead of trying to turn our country into one.

12:37 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...


You would have to go a very long way to find anyone as hardline against Islam as am I. I just happen to think that White people who believe Black people are monkeys who cant read properly are almost (but not quite) as bad.

Quite apart from anything else, the cause of enlisting Joe Public in the fight against Islam is tainted by being seen to being represented by racists like that. Because the man in the street, unlike Phil, wants to fight Islam because he thinks it is a dangerous ideology, not because he thinks white people are better in some way...

I fight the fight in my own way, and I dont choose to ally myself with people like that in order to do it.

4:27 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...


Yes I believe your right, that serendib the 'monkey' who according to Phil needs white friends to read things to him did indeed set him up, and he fell for it hook line and sinker. But all Serendib did was scratch the surface to show Phil's true nature, and that doesnt change the nature of his beliefs one iota.

I always approach this from the POV of how to appeal to the 'neutrals', the 'undecideds'. And as I've said to you so many times before, its the Phil's that stop us winning them over, every time.

4:32 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Green Arrow,

Sorry but I dont see any difference whatsoever between the bullyboy tactics of the UAF and someone who threatens Black people who comment on his site with C18. Even if I was a BNP supporter/member I'd be doing the party a favour by laying into the likes of Phil - the BNP is failing to make any kind of true breakthrough precisely because it has spent too many years (even after beginning to 'reform') failing to root out the Phil's who still infest the Party.

4:35 PM  
Blogger BFB said...

Ok, DAD, You probably won't post this, but here goes...

I just happen to think that White people who believe Black people are monkeys who cant read properly are almost (but not quite) as bad.

My comment was aimed at Serendib and no-one else! GEDDIT? If I call someone a 'FAT BASTARD' does that prove I must hate fat people?

I will stop using the word 'MONKEY' when black people stop using the word 'RACIST', and not before!!!!!!

Because the man in the street, unlike Phil, wants to fight Islam because he thinks it is a dangerous ideology, not because he thinks white people are better in some way...

Please refer your readers to an example of me suggesting that 'white people are better in some way'. This is tantamount to slander!

For a 'DAD' you should know better!

But all Serendib did was scratch the surface to show Phil's true nature,

So, using the un-PC term 'Monkey' in response to an obvious black racist pig reveals some hidden depth to my nature, does it? Be more specific, or visit 'the other side of Phil' at

smart arse!

its the Phil's that stop us winning them over, every time

So, it's got nothing to do with wankers like you who latch onto any old excuse not to vote BNP?

I'm beginning to understand your self-apologetic mentality.

I dont see any difference whatsoever between the bullyboy tactics of the UAF and someone who threatens Black people who comment on his site with C18

DSD is trying to imply that I support C18. PLEASE read the article he refers to (it is linked to on the main page)and decide for yourself. If I wanted to glorify C18 thier website would be included in my blogroll, and it isn't!

DSD, you really are scraping the barrel here. If you are affraid to admit that the BNP appeal to you, have the courage of a 'DAD' to admit it, and stop trying to blame the state of Britain on the 'PHIL'S' of this world.

If you don't support the BNP you are part of the problem, not the SOLUTION!

PS: I see you've disabled blog moderation.

I must be doing something right...(-:

8:30 PM  
Blogger BFB said...

OOOps, I was wrong (for once) blog moderation is still the order of the day on this so-called 'democratic' blog!

I really should know better.

8:33 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Never claimed to be a democratic Blogger...

Comment moderation is on to deter a particular moonbat of my acquaintance who tends to be substitute legal threats for argument and frankly gets on my tits something chronic, plus a bunch of proper Nazis (which I'm not suggesting you are Phil) who started spamming the comments with cut and pasted ten-page diatribes about how everything bad ever in the world was the Jews fault.

I'll leave the readers to decide whether or not you had a racist intent when you titled your post 'A Black Trying To Ape Intelligence'. I seriously doubt many people are going to buy your 'Im not really a racist' pose. Likewise you might not 'support' C18, but it doesnt alter the fact that you threatened a commenter on your site with them.

And I like the 'if you dont support the BNP your part of the problem' line after all your protests that you arent a BNP supporter, by the way. Like I said, its the likes of you that puts people off voting BNP.

However, that said I think its time for another one of those straw polls that I like to do on here from time to time. I throw things open for everyone to put their case for voting for their party of choice, so feel free to come over and make your case for the BNP on the new thread I open.

I am, by the way, a former UKIP constituency chairman, now an ex-member because of their lack of response to 7/7. So I'm even givng you an insight into the best leverage to work on getting my vote...

10:06 AM  
Blogger BFB said...

it doesnt alter the fact that you threatened a commenter on your site with them.

I threatened no-one. Serendib would be knocking on my door right now with his ethnic colleagues if I had. He is a police officer. Are you?

And I like the 'if you dont support the BNP your part of the problem' line after all your protests that you arent a BNP supporter

I said I'm not a BNP MEMBER, and I'm not. Try getting your facts right next time you try to slur me.

I'm starting to feel a bit sorry for you....)-;

7:18 PM  
Blogger British National Party member said...

Well I don't support what he said, and as he isn't a BNP member they can hardly be held responsible for his words in any way shape or form DSD.

I should divide my nationalist blogroll in-between members and other nationalists i think. It was getting too big anyway. And actually groups like the BPP (Who's 'spiritual leader' is John Tyndall) are proscribed for us, though BFB links to them underneath our link. He isn't an unqualified supporter. He isn't our core. He isn't even a member.

But look, the premise of your OP was wrong and your still hanging it on the BNP in the comments. Why not amend your OP to show it? Or make a new one? You said i link to a lot of people who drag the BNP down. Well ok this post by a non member doesn't help, but that hardly constitutes a 'lot' does it. Who else? And if you cant find anyone, how about you change your opinion? And what happens if i find a post via your blogroll that is unsavoury, is UKIP suddenly rendered unelectable as a consequence? Does it somehow justify spam cam's claims about you? will your eyes start swivelling in their sockets? Does roger knapman or whoever have to make a press release?

No, the BNP is doing very well in all sorts of ways thank you very much. I don't support Phil's attitude in that post, and if the BNP's ethos endorsed it then i wouldn't be sincere as you know i am about supporting them. In fact they would be the fringe party they were years before i joined, and i wouldn't have signed up.

Phil did make one valid point IMO when he said the BNP is being held back by people who make excuses not to join and not to vote. I said this before and its just as true now. You can make a big difference if you join.

1:03 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

You have a fair point Gareth, and I think you would be wise to reorganise your Blogroll. I am being a mite unfair to hang BFB's attitude onto the BNP as a whole, but then again my post wasnt particularly meant to indicate that it was a 'turning point' that would stop me supporting the BNP, but rather that its that portion of the BNP support and, still, lets face it, membership, that puts people off them.

If you were to measure the number of people who would vote BNP because they are quite simply white and had enough of being second-class citizens and want their country sorted out against those who are genuinely racist in the dictionary-definition sense, I think you'd find that the former *hugely* outweighs the latter about 20 to 1. But then you have a policy such as Sons and Daughters (mentioned in the other thread on this) which does not promise to simply reverse anti-white discrimination but to go out of the other side and into discriminatory territory. That's no good for that 20 and its the thing that will ultimately stop the BNP breaking through.

I wont deny the BNP are edging closer. But there is a ceiling you will soon reach unless you do what, funnily enough, UKIP has to do, and realy clean house.

10:32 AM  
Blogger shieldwall said...

Good choice in music by the way,Bathory happens to be one of my favourites from the past,"A fine day to die".."For all those who died".."Home of the once brave"..excellent stuff!.

7:03 PM  
Blogger shieldwall said...

By the way I have been a member of the BNP since 2004 and been to loads of meetings etc...I have seen no signs of racism.You must remember the government considers UKIP a tad racist,if you dont conform you are racist,what chance have we got? we give up and start accusing each other like the government?.

7:09 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Well I used to be a journo with Metal Forces and I've even interviewed the man himself - got thanked on the Hammerheart album too.

*looks smug*

10:14 AM  

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