Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm Back. Maybe. Er.

I'm back. Maybe. I'm not sure if I'm going to have the time to start this Blogging thing again properly or not.

I've been posting the odd bit of political comment here. But much as I admire David Vance, who runs the place, he is far too nice to the Jew-hating Leftie (with a handful of exceptions) trolls who infest the comments with their lunatic dribblings - for example 'are Jews the new master race?' is fine by them, but telling the person who posted it to Fuck Off And Die is deeply offensive, dont'cha know.

I don't think I'll miss it. When you go and visit a site you are part of the team for and leave there more annoyed than when you arrived, it's time to wave bye-bye and part company.

So will it be more of the same over here? Well, ironically what turned out to be the final DSD post seemed to gain me not a few new pals, judging by the emails and links I received from it. Reading it back now, seems even if I do say so myself that I was remarkably prescient in my prediction as to what was going to happen to the Republican nomination and the Party itself if it went as predicted and they chose a softly-softly moderate with all the fire of a disposable barbecue in his belly. As my favourite Blogger observed, you can take the MSM to bed as often as you like during the nomination process and it might feel good while it lasts, but it absolutely will not call you in the morning once the campaign has started.

So there'll be as much political commentary as I can manage, as that was after all this Blog's original stock-in-trade. But there will also be as much family and life in general stuff as I can fit in, as I did feel guilty about ceasing the "I'm a Dad again, oh joy" Blogging venture in-between then and now, the Lulu Blog. But we went through a spate of illness, the subject herself went through a spate of being somewhat...demanding - mostly between about 1 and 4am - and all gradually fell by the wayside as these things so often do.

I'll also post the odd bit of Youtubeyness, just because I can and I like sharing music. I promise a minimum of insanely heavy metal and that the song material (or title at the very least) will be as relevant as possible to whatever's topical at the time, fair enough?

There'll also be Gaming stuff. Yes, I am still into all that strange dicerolling and character-acting business, and am writing and running those even stranger LARP thingies now. In fact tomorrow night a new game begins, and I will be playing a geriatric old character of as yet indetermined type, the only certainty in my mind as yet that he will say things like "I remember when all this was battlefields" a lot.

So, there it is. I'm back. I think. Maybe. We'll have to wait and see.

(Oh and Comments will be moderated. Complainants about freedom of speech and stuff can apply to the Diversity Officer of IDon'tGiveACrap plc, understood? Though to be honest I generally allow Nazi muppets to post however, because its just so much fun to play with them. If you do it right you can get the ones with real delusions of grandeur to spend entire days at the keyboard working themselves up into a lather by only spending a minute or two of your own time. Try it sometime, it's most rewarding.)

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